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One baffled bus driver

Confused every Spring at the sight of young women that feel compelled to place their bare feet on the dash. I can't help but wonder what they'd experience should that air bag suddenly inflate.


I confess. I’m addicted to sex. Haven’t had sex in nearly a month and it’s killing me! I’m so horny that I seriously don’t know how to keep these urges under control. It’s been my train of thought lately and jerking off is no fun either.

I'm a 40 year old man

And I still like to make blanket forts...aaahhh watch out for the lava, jump on this pillow.

What if

I am 34. Many people my age have kids, mortgages, car payments, etc. Sometimes I think about if I would want to have a family. But I don't think very long about it, because even if I did want one I don't think I could afford it. So when the question comes up about settling down and having kids, I sort of see it as irrelevant. I'm just trying to make sure I have the rent, one month at a time.


I have $54,000 in student loan debt and $8000 in credit card debt and I am suffocated under this debt. I can only make the basic payments and whats left over isn't enough. My job just doesn't pay enough. I am scared to tell my boyfriend because its so embarrassing.

Who thought this would be my cure?

I confess I've had a fairly serious drinking problem most of my life. I've had stretches of sobriety here and there but it's been a very rocky road with multiple arrests, lost jobs and ruined personal relationships. I took early retirement a few months ago and have not had a drink since. I haven't wanted a drink since. This caught me by surprise because I thought the increase in idle time might escalate my cravings but it's been the opposite. I'm feeling at peace and content and have no desire to "escape" into a bottle at all. I am so grateful I can hardly describe the joy in my life now.

I used to be a Con Artist...

... I would tell people they had to pay me money to acquire permission to work, and some of them did. I didn't feel bad about it, though, I just told them 'I am the Government, and this is called a license fee.'

2019 Fiancees

The term fiancée doesn't mean anything anymore. When I was younger, most divorce happened in the mid 30s and above. My generation, I'm mid 30s and most people I know now have had multiple fiancées and almost use the term to over embellish boyfriend/girlfriend. It's gotten to the point that when someone tells me they have a new fiancée I almost assume it won't end in marriage. None of them do.


Girl in the red coat

I sat across from you on the number 3 bus this morning. You were wearing a bright red coat. We...

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