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Twisted priorities

I know that this is going to truly annoy some people. But what the hell is wrong with people who will bend over backwards to help someone who has come here from another country who is struggling, but would literally step over a homeless citizen of Vancouver in the street who is trying to survive right here? I mean, wtf? I’m all for support for refugees, but I’m disgusted by the lengths that people will go to in order to help someone foreign when those same people turn up their noses at equally deserving people who happened to be born here. Our government will hand out money, medical care, housing, etc, to someone whose own corrupt government (no I’m not talking about Ukraine) doesn’t care, when they won’t do that same thing for their own citizens! It’s nothing but a freaking photo op for them. “Let’s help these poor unfortunate people from foreign lands because we’re such a magnanimous and generous government. But let’s completely ignore the people who might actually vote for us because they’re not as popular a cause.” I’m thoroughly disgusted. I’m on a neighbourhood fb group where someone just asked everyone to shell out for a “struggling family” from Africa because our government hasn’t given her enough money for a decent apartment, clothes, a good job, and food. I mean, seriously? Has this woman even looked around at our own neighbourhood and city to see the suffering happening every single day? Does she not read the local news? Obviously she is so clueless that she doesn’t comprehend that our government doesn’t give it’s own disabled and poor/disadvantaged citizens enough to even buy food nowadays, let alone a decent place to live. No. It’s so much more popular and IG and FB friendly to loudly proclaim your support for everyone else except for the citizens of the place you actually live. I want to puke.

Not a Robot but a Ghost

I put a post it note on my mirror right beside my face. ‘You are Enough’. I try to say it out loud as I look at myself. I feel silly. I try not to smirk. I’m smirking. Out of the corner of my eye my mind reworks the words and I see ‘I’ve had Enough’. Heh. Now That I can get behind. What have I had enough of? I’ve resigned myself from my needs for too long. I’ve had enough of tolerating. And what I’ve been tolerating will continue if I allow it. To crack the code. This great resignation, where will it lead if I choose to change?

Spring cleaning adventure

I did some spring cleaning and had to go through tons of boxes in my garage to see if there was anything I still needed or wanted to donate. I found a box of old books and discovered a Bible. Had no idea I even had one to this day. I picked it up, read though a few pages and thought “Wow! This is so boring.”

Sometimes it IS easy being green

I have never voted for the BC Liberals in my life. I was always an NDP supporter until now. Because their policies have made me lose all respect for them, I will never support the NDP again. I'm just going to vote Green as soon as the next provincial election comes.


I haven’t left my apartment in two weeks. And I don’t feel sad about it at all. I consider how amazing it all is living in the world today. Groceries delivered to my door that I ordered online. Fruit from South America, medication from across the continent, vegetables from down the coast, books from around the globe. Technology connects me to the world and I can even wash my clothes and cook food with the press of a button. It’s incredible. And yet I turn the blinds on my window to temper the sun. I feel like an addict telling myself that I can go outside any time, to quit sequestering, but I seem to lack the inspiration or need to leave. I feel like an emperor in an unknown forbidden realm where no one comes in or out.

I want to be single

I went out to my BFs friend's bday the other day and his single friends made me realize how bad I want to be single. Im not in love with my bf any more and Covid has really made me hate him and the way he treats me. But last time I tired to break up with him he cried then threw my shit all over the place. Im.scared of what he will do if I break up with him again. I can't stand his lacy of maturity.


I dump partners if they cheat, which is pretty common. But I also dump friends who cheat on their partners. If you're willing to screw over the person you're supposed to love the most and treat the best, you're willing to screw me over too. These people are always so shocked and claim it's "not fair to judge them" but good riddance to bad company.

Craving Real

It’s so rare. Finding the real people who you can talk to about anything. Real feelings, real emotions, genuine opinions about world events, philosophy, science. Everything is open for discussion. You can say anything without having to worry about whether you’re being PC enough or whether they’re going to judge you. I’ve got two precious people in my life like this and I cling to them tightly, because everyone else is much too worried about being popular, or they just don’t have the depth or intelligence to dive beneath the surface of things. The problem is that I almost never see my two special friends because one of them lives about an 8 hour drive away and the other one is too busy most of the time. I’m just so tired of small talk or complaints and gossip. I need REAL.


This week was my birthday, turned 70. I was looking forward to reading some texts or emails from old friends or current friends as I always make a point of wishing them happy birthday and have the dates marked on the calendar. Well, you guessed it - not one single message! Feeling pretty alone.

What the hell

I work in healthcare on the DTE and the pandemic was stressful. We all wore our masks and we had a few outbreaks here and there. Six of my coworkers have it and they are really sick, not just an Omicron cold. One is in the hospital. The clients are sick and my manager is off because his whole family has it. And many of the staff refuse to wear masks because they say it’s over, but everyone is getting sick. It’s worse than during the pandemic. So strange.


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