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The public has spoken

No-one's replaced the stickers on all the stop signs saying "Stop Harper" with "Trudeau" yet.

Technology obsession

Everyone in Vancouver seems obsessed with technology and it is difficult to find anyone not glued to a screen these days in public. People are not becoming more intelligent or well informed but rather are becoming more directed in their choices about what to buy or discuss and this is evident in the lack of social niceties and the general dumbing down of our society which not many people are upset about or even aware of. I predict that this generation and future generations are being encouraged to cut ties with the past including cultural and being urged towards a future in which they are being completely manipulated and where the meaning of having a choice has been reduced to which device you prefer to receive your instructions/information on and not whether to use one at all and where the place you live what you buy eat and think about are all going to be dictated to you without your consent except for that fine print no one ever reads when they add a new app or new software to their device... you have consented also by not protesting the introduction of technology... whether you agree or not if you use technology which we all do you are also complicit in the act of becoming more easily manipulated... not that we have a choice really

deserving of life rewards

I have a friend from work who has been chummy with me for years and I feel relatively comfortable with her but the relationship is definitely unique and I have decided to try to keep her as a friend despite recent facts coming to light For instance the way that I know this person is that we were both a a bit unhappy at work and we bonded over sharing those moments and we both love good coffee and dark humor and so we went for coffee together many times. She is the kind of person who understands many types of people and shows her intellect freely but in time I have found her to be more secretive than I had previously anticipated. She has family issues that have colored her life and has found stability and confidence elusive and could not afford to pay for her education so she has been self educated. The thing is that I found out she has not got the qualifications for the job she does at work and she is mainly being supported by people who she works with who know of her struggles. She is competing with people who are at a higher level of education and is not sure that her connections are strong enough if there are cutbacks to keep her on and she is always hiding her ambitions because she knows she should not even be there if she had not had friends there. Meanwhile I had also many traumas in life but sacrificed my social life and my close friends for my hard won education and now find that the workplace is being managed more on the basis of friendships (networking) and I now lack that qualification due to many years of solitary study and working three jobs. Oh how ironic life is.

the Drum Circles on 3rd Beach

seem to be a noise problem to some but they r distant to housing compared to the officially ok Symphony on Sunset Beach right next to much housing. Sure the youth's drum circle event may seem like babble to some compared to symphony music ... drumming is a spoken language in coherent cultures ... and these youth are just starting to learn the drums, like an infant learning speech ... it takes time ... allow the youth. And youths ... suggest you tune into those drummers who know the coherent drum language

Can't Relate or Don't Want To

I was born white trash, growing up on Walmart and football. I was the first in my family to get a degree. Then I got another. Unfortunately, the result seems to be that now I can't talk to anyone. You know what they said about Britney - you can take the girl out of the trailer, but not the trailer out of the girl. Well, I'd like to say I've changed a great deal. I'm selective with food, with coffee, with beer. I understand and can appreciate contemporary art and experimental music genres. I read. So now my family can't relate. My old friends can't either. Redneck hunters aren't bffs with vegans it would seem. On the other hand, almost everyone I went to school with came from a great deal more money, and they can sense the differences between us. Where are the people like me?

Road Rules

To all the drivers in this city who don't understand that bikes are considered vehicles, here is a PSA: You're not doing me or anybody else a favour by randomly stopping when YOU have the right of way. It's unpredictable, dangerous and disrupts the flow of traffic. To all the cyclists in this city who don't understand that bikes are considered vehicles: YOU ARE. Learn the rules of the road and act accordingly.

If you want

incontrovertible proof that the world cannot be fixed. Just post something on "confessions" that everybody should be happy about . Say something like "income tax has been abolished" or "cancer has been conquered" and you'd still get a slew of downvotes. There's people in this world who you just can't make happy, no matter what you do or say

Take care myself

I'm actually sick of people asking me to cover their shifts at work because I never get any coverage in return. I guess subs don't stay since there's no guaranteed work. Time for me to look out for myself.

Once in a while

Ok. I've never smoked tobacco but I have tried pot. I'm not a regular user of pot but once in a while if I feel like it, I just do it. It all depends on the company I'm in. If someone offers me a joint, sure why not. Though I need to stay discreet because I work for the government and if my bosses found out I'd probably get fired. Maybe I'm paranoid. Or am I?


I'm a white guy in my late 30's and I've always loved music, all types. I love punk, metal, R&B, rap, hip-hop, electronic, country, classical, everything. Sure there are some bands I can't stand (Looking at you Nickleback) but I enjoy most genres. However I'm sometimes surprised when I talk to others about bands that I think are mainstream and people don't know them. Parliament, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins are great examples. I've told people I saw them live and they have no idea who I'm talking about. Am I the only one in Vancouver who knows who they are and what they contributed to Funk and music in general?

Nothing wrong with being a recluse

I'm no longer interested in staff parties anymore. It's all the same gossip and hearsay. My idea of downtime is making dinner at home and relaxing with a cold beer. I just embrace my hermitage life and like it the way it is.

Ghost or no ghost?

I confess that I’m confused about what exactly ghosting is. Some people think that if the person they were seeing doesn’t break up face to face then they’ve been ghosted. Others think it’s if they break up and refuse to talk about it. Still others think it’s when the person just doesn’t continue to communicate in any way. I think it’s the last. I think that if someone just stops talking completely as if you disappeared, that’s the description of ghosting. If they tell you why they feel that they need to end it and then they stop talking to you, that’s just a breakup. Regardless of whether they did it in person , on a text, or during a phone call.


Is just a new fancy modern word for people who can't get laid

K-Drama Fan

I am not Korean but I love watching K-Dramas/romantic comedies on Netflix! They are so interesting and have funny plots and great actors. I don’t mind reading the subtitles. Shows like Descendants of the Sun, Strong Girl Bongsoon, and Oh My Ghost are the best. When I am at work I think about what will happen next on the shows I watch. They are so addicting. Please give me recommendations for more shows to watch. I watched all episodes of 7 Korean shows already. :D

Indefinite hiatus

You’ve been in my life for years. High school friends. I treated you like family. You treated me like family. We were always so close but the last couple years that has changed. We saw each other less and less. Different relationships, different priorities. We went on vacation last year and it was great. But now I’ve lost a friend because of what? I decided to skip this year’s vacation because I’ve been busy and feeling burnt out? How entitled are you? And now you’ve blocked me on social media.. I’m sad and shocked you’re acting this way but I truly don’t need this drama and negativity in my life.


Folk fest

We danced to Ry Cooder, the last set at the Vancouver folk festival. You: petite, shapely,...


Savage Love: The lopsided bisexual

" I fall in love with women exclusively, but I love to have sex with men occasionally."