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It's about time

somebody explained the difference between "Russia" and "The Russian Government" Putin , while he leads the Government, has very little control over the crooks and oligarchs in that vast country. Every different department and business sector is full of people who do what they like and who want revenge against people they think have screwed them over, whether inside the country or on foreign shores. I'm sure he uses his ruthless methods to settle personal vendettas but I don't think he's in on the so called election interference charges. Russians usually use armies to try and get the results they want. Just like the United States.......Grenada, Cuba, Angola, Panama, Nicaragua.. oh but they don't count because we're the good guys

Dude. I can afford to live!

I moved away from Vancouver. Cost of living is sooo much cheaper. I have more than double the disposable income. It's about 3x. I feel normal!!!

Yes it's true....

There are some people in this world who are incredible, kind, loving and unselfish. Giving as much as they can of themselves and more... It is these same people that are more sensitive to utilitarianism and more susceptible to the feelings of guilt due to other people's shit. Those who don't give a fuck...feel no pain. I know someone that cares so much about everyone around them.... And I will forever appreciate and love them for it.

An actual confession guaranteed to generate strong feelings

There is this guy on Bute and Davie who makes me absolutely sick. He is revolting. And I know he is not homeless. Every day--all day long--he spreads himself and his dirty shit all over the sidewalk either in front of Mac's or Hamburger Mary's. He is filthy from head to toe, and does not much more than just sprawl or sleep. Over the weekend he was passed out with his pants down, his ass up, right in the middle of the day. Thing is, he's not entirely useless or gone in the head, because I have caught him on a few occasions sauntering into the nearby supermarket to coherently pay for some deli food, and once even pacing the sidewalk outside my building, talking on a cell phone very lucidly. He repulses me when I have to walk by him (which is several times a day) and I wish the locals would take action to get him removed, or put into some kind of facility (if he is, in fact, mentally ill, which we all are in some form or another, really). He does not abuse alcohol, from what I've seen, or abuse drugs, though he may smoke weed from time to time. This is just what he chooses to do all day long: sleep on the sidewalk with empty food containers and potato-chip bags around him, then go home to wherever he lives. A more slovenly and disgraceful life cannot be imagined. Have at it, commentators! At least it's not whining about heartbreak and dating!

Battering prams

Yes, not a typo. All those mothers who use their oversized strollers as cow catchers to clear a path are in the same group as those morons who walk four abreast and clog the pavement. I would never have dreamed of being so rude when my kids were that age.


I miss being an escort. And no, not just the money. I miss the connection and the passion and being worshipped by men. I enjoyed it.

Get your head out your ass

I was flagging you down because you dropped your helmet from the back of your bicycle. You looked at me like I was crazy and you probably thought I was trying to hit on you or something. Oh well, hope you had a good time coming all the way back for your helmet (if you even found it)

Anything is possible

I stopped dating casually and wasting my time/energy on women I didn’t feel a true connection with. I questioned why I was doing this in the first place but something told me to just do it. To focus on my health and my life.. focus on being better. I didn’t want to end up with a girl just because she’s pretty and likes to have fun. Vancouver is full of this type. I guess I’m getting older and I spent two years with the wrong person. So almost a year later, I have met the woman of my dreams. I was starting to believe I wouldn’t fall in love. as cheesy as this is, I had to learn to really love myself, move on from my horrible taste in women and heal all the parts of me only I can heal, to have this kind of love come into my life. Confessions of a former Vancouver d-bag.

Uncanny Valley.

I can't wait until CGI is so advanced that it replaces all the actors in the world and I don't have to hear about what these people are wearing, what they are doing or who they are doing it with. Good Riddance.

Itching for a handyman

I miss having one by my side. I love a man who is skilled with his hands and can fix just about anything. Not trying to be sexist or offensive cause I appreciate all men and women. Shout out to all the beautiful jack-of-all-trades men out there!

West End

It is so distressing to see the increased theft, vandalism, mischief, assault and other crimes occurring in my beloved neighbourhood. No one will acknowledge it nor will the VPD do anything about even though they got mornmoney for community policing. I wish I had more balls to publicly demand action.

Boxer Short Dude

I accidentally bought some briefs/gitch/tighey-whiteys and man, are they uncomfortable!

Red convertible mustang

To the d-bag driving up Arbutus this afternoon in his mid-life-crisis car: I was trying to get your attention not because I wanted to rag you out for your obnoxiously loud small dick hot wheelz, but that you threw your cigarette butt out your vehicle. I can only wonder how many fires youve started due to your ignorance. And because you drove off like a whiny baby, me and my racing heart, are trying to cool down on the floor of my 37 degree apartment. Smarten up people- it’s hot and dry and cigarettes light fires!!!

Real Friends

in these challenging times, real friends are to be found via doing volunteer service work, helping those in need ........ "There was a man (woman) who gave so much they called her mad, but the more she gave, the more she had." John Bunyan / Pilgrim's Progress ........ "Live for yourself you will live in vain, live for others you will live again." - Bob Marley


Bai Bua Thai Restaurant Tuesday night

You were having dinner with a woman, looked like a first date. ...


Savage Love: My massage made me #metoo myself

"She was working on my thigh, but it felt like I was getting my balls caressed."