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Another LDR Sad Story

So I recently broke up with my boyfriend of one year. It was the second time we broke up. He broke up with me the first time as I had to move to another country for work and he thought he just can't do long distance. We agreed to stay in touch and remain friends, even though we've broken up. A week after my move, we started talking again and started catching feelings for each other again. He told me that the break up was a mistake as he's never been in LDR before and he realized how much he missed me. So long story short, we got back together. But the second time felt a bit different as he wanted to have a casual relationship with me while i wanted us to be just like how we used to be. Since we have different ideas of what we want in our relationship, we often argued about silly little things. I complained about how he wasn't giving me much attention and he on the other hand felt like i was being needy as he needs to focus on his work and other stuff too. So one day we decided to break up for the second time. Only this time, i was the one who called it quit. I know we both still have feelings for each other, and he even told me he hasn't ready to move on yet. But he only wants a casual relationship since we're away. If i decide to move back home, should i look for him again or should i just let this relationship go and move on for good? I'm feeling devastated. Friends are telling me to move on as we don't have a future together but i'm not ready to give up just yet. Any advice?

I’ll cook at home thanks...

Went for lunch at my favourite Vietnamese on Cambie and prices were way up across the menu, I guess due to COVID 19. I won’t be rushing out to dine since apparently many restaurants are doing this due to limited seating.

Wet Door Handle

Often when I use the bathroom in my apartment as I close the door my hand comes away wet. Ugh. At first, I thought, maybe it's just a one-off, or maybe one of the roommates sanitized the door handles. I wash my hands. Ugh. After one of my roommates goes to the bathroom and I use it, yep, wet door handle. Wtf. Dry your hands.

Always a sinner never a saint

As much as I like my future mother in law (FMIL)and try to get along with her there are SOME things that I won’t put up with, from anybody, let alone future extended family. My FMIL has crossed a line that I can not look past by sending me religious type YouTube videos, of her particular faith. ( I tried to be courteous to her and tried to watch the videos but couldn’t watch more than a few minutes) In all the years prior to dating her son, I’ve made it clear to her that I have absolutely zero interest in any sort of religion, she has never done something of this nature. I can’t imagine what triggered or influenced her to do such a thing and I’m unsure of HOW I should respond back to her. I’ve thought of a few responses, (1)Be honest and tell her I tried, I still have zero interest, thank you !. (2)Send her videos on ALL the reasons I can’t stand any religion, but still tolerate them, for the sake of humanity and personal respect. (3)Or just ignore her, cause I don’t know what else to do.

Liquor store

I shaved this morning and left to the strip mall. Got ID’d at the beer store :) I’m mid-thirties and I asked the lady how old she thought I was...she said under 30 :D fuck yeah!! Love it!!!

I misread it all

All that tenderness. The need to be together. I mistook compassion for more. Confirmation bias. I am embarrassed and hope you can forgive me.

Dinos in spaaaaaaace

I confess the only thing I find interesting about the SpaceX launch into space is that there is a cute sequin stuffed TY dinosaur on board.

Reverse engineering burgers

ViA just recently released a list of top 10 hamburgers in Vancouver.... I can't afford to eat at these places though (oh god! they would probably force me to tip 25% for take-away right now too). ... so I am scoping the article that shows each burger.. and they look really simple to re-invent at home. They list all the ingredients and you can see the patty and tell if there are additional herbs and spices in it. I think I have a fighting chance at this. Why haven't I been making my burgers at home? This is something where it might actually be a win for me.


I got blocked on social media all because I called someone out on their bullshit. Why do people constantly get attacked for speaking up and telling it like it is? I prefer people to be honest and upfront with me instead of beating around the bush.


I could not imagine bringing a kid into this world right now. Yes, the world's been screwed up for a long time, and this sentiment is not new. But everything's come to a head this year, and the future for future generations seems dimmer than ever.


I Saw You in Costco

I saw you in Costco. You were wearing a very artistic corgi face mask and bought what could only...


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