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I wish rehabs worked better

They're not that successful for many so we're left to our own devices or nothing. Plus most cheap ones are mainly 12 step which isn't for everyone.

C'est la vie

I have never been single and have been in back to back long term relationships with several shorter ones as well. I'm at the age where many I know are married, some with children. I have those telling me to get back on the dating bandwagon, because my biological clock is ticking. I'm in my mid-thirties for a reference, but honestly after this latest one I just don't feel attracted or physically turned on no more. I'm not sure why I end up with men who aren't into anything serious, but I do regret wasting my time. Maybe love is just not meant to be for some? When I was younger I really did try to make things work out. That's probably why they were longer relationships, but toxic. As of recently though, I've been the one to call it quits early when I feel it just isn't for me.

Will it be another year?

Things were looking good in BC with controlling COVID. I thought I would be throwing my masks away by now, believing the “back to normal” possibility by September. That has gone down the drain. I bought a new set of masks today. My white flag of defeat with ear loops. I’m very crushed at the uncertainty of fall and winter. Will we be doing this for another year? I have an immuno-compromised kid to protect at all costs.


Today. With my wife. It doesn't happen all that often.

I Read

the "I Saw You" and "Missed Connections" posts hoping someone noticed me.

Just a gigolo

I confess that I’m feeling sorry for a guy who’s been a victim of his good looks. I’ve known him since high school. He was typically handsome and tall and strong, all of the stuff that appeals to lots of women. He wasn’t smart in school, but he had personality and learned how to get by based on that and his charm. But as he’s aged I’ve noticed that he seems sadder. He had so many women fall for him that he never thought he’d really need to “settle” for just one. He seemed to gravitate to older women or at least ones who had enough money that he could hang out with them at their place on their dime and be comfortable. Lots of them paid for trips for him, gave him keys to their place, gave him expensive gifts, etc. Once I joked with him that he was just a gigolo (like the song) and he looked at me like he’d been caught in the act. Shocked and guilty at the same time. So now he’s old and alone. His looks faded and he didn’t have much else to rely on because he never really developed anything else. I truly feel like he’s been a victim in many ways, just like many beautiful women have been used solely for their looks. I wonder how his life might have turned out differently if he hadn’t been born with those looks. Would he have developed the ability to truly connect with another person? Would he have learned how to do things for himself instead of depending on others to do basic life-skill stuff for him? I’m a pretty average looking guy but I’m in a supportive long-term relationship. I’ve got kids and a family. He spends almost all of his time with his aged parent, or desperately trying to find another woman to support him. It’s sad to watch but at the same time I confess that I also feel like saying “I told you so!” to him.

Sorry to do this all the time...

But I cannot help it. I always tend to virtue signal when talking about politics because I know people will react positively... I am trying to stop it...... It just seems to use an actual problem as a means to an end in a relationship. It's really strange.

Quiet life

I don’t hang out at pubs and bars. The music is too loud, the food is mediocre and shifty, most of the clientele are loud mouth pea-brained know it all jocks and creepy old drunks. Not my scene. I love my quiet life just the way it is and wouldn’t change anything about it.


Crosstown liquor store bike gal

Hey. You were exiting Crosstown liquor store on Abbot street yesterday evening, around 6 or 7pm....

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