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I pray

Some of my friends are genuinely scared. They suffer a fear of a future full of uncertainty and no way out. I feel helpless. They're so wonderful and I can't do anything to help them. I can't handle it any more than they can, but I'm not a stranger to this so I'm over the fear part. For them, this is foreign and quite scary. There are no plan Bs in sight. And they are too good of people to go through any of this. Being poor...being poor. How I wish to be so utterly rich. Like, obscenely so. It really is the answer. Of course for my comfort...and now even more to be there for the same people who have been there for me when I fell into misfortune. I look to the sky, searching. Servants of the creator, I ask for the most benevolent outcome to make me immediately very rich now. I have a lot of love to reward. Please and thank you.


Buttermilk fried chicken, followed by matcha ice cream atop blackberry pie, a few kiwis, some Gruyère, all washed down with a cold jug of watermelon wine or half-priced opalescent apple juice.

Friend or foe?

With this 6 ft rule, it feels like everyone I approach at a distance could be a possible enemy. What a strange vibe when you have to go out .

Fearing the worst

I feel like the US situation with COVID-19 is going to be desperate and violent. You have people there unemployed with no safety net, no healthcare coverage and access to guns. Even in the best of times, I don’t know how Americans can endure their country. What will happen when masses go hungry with no social services? It’s a powder keg situation and it’s going to be dreadful. I used to drive to the USA regularly for road trips but I don’t see myself driving down there for the next 2 years.

Only Child

Used to isolation since birth. This is nothing new.

Coffee...and not sleeping

I've been having disruptive dreams every night of meeting up with someone from my past. I go in cycles like this. Only this time around everything is so impossible all I can do is visualize them sitting across from me for coffee...and then I wake up. Over and over. Nothing to say, nothing that can be said. Melatonin isn't cutting it. I gave up alcohol years ago but that used to help me sleep. Not sure what else to try.

Stress Eating

Holy crap I have ballooned up from stress eating. COVID-19 ain’t helping.

Isolation... How does this work?

Looking down from my Burnaby apartment (cel) and seeing construction workers eating lunch together/gathering at the bus stop every day this week. How does this all work if we are not all contributing? What is the urgency in finishing these high rises as no one is going to be able to afford them?

Look, Amazon

I appreciate the deadline and the risk but if you buzz everyone in the building to come to the lobby at the same time, you are NOT helping social distancing. Bring it to 2 metres from the door, thanks.

Less pollution... wonder... less CO2?

If half of humanity is staying home, and it is sort of working, I wonder if we have a viable option that we can explore to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and CO2. We still need to find jobs for a lot of people... but I wonder if our global footprint is far less this way, or if it still results in the same. I think driving less certainly helps.


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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