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Sometimes I browse Craigslist not looking for things to buy but kinda wishing I had something I could sell. Getting rid of stuff brings me joy.

Hugo Boss

So my fancy suit arrived and its looks great, I purchased the ring. Most important " Found the girl of my dreams". I'm ready to get down on one knee. I know its old fashion, but when you've found true love, you want too make it magical for them. This one is a keeper! Wish Me Luck.

Loser Claims

I'm not going to make any claims of being a loser, and an utter failure. I figure someday I may end up surprising myself, and I would hate to have to eat my own words.

Puppy love

I discovered my diaries from Grade 12. I read about the first time I fell in love. We knew eachother 4 days before saying ILU. FOUR days. From my entries, I now understand why I have dating anxiety and abandonment issues. I wish I could go back and tell my sweet innocent self to leave that guy who clearly was treating her like crap. The same experience seemed to groundhog for the next guy. Now that I am in my 40s, I think I now understand how to identify these broken guys and avoid them!! Here is to no more broken hearts

Depressed confession

I turned 60 this past August I'm on government disability only have one friend plus my siblings when I turned 60 it hit me, I've wasted my life never accomplished anything being on government disability for mental health (though at least ive never been hospitalized) doesn't give you much opportunities in life....never financially secure because it's expensive to live here even with my part time job, never be able to date....& even not into their music heard that Eddie Money did and today Ric Ocasek, I'm tired of hearing people dying......I don't want to die....I don't want to die in my sleep especially by myself alone in my apartment like I am every single damn night of my life:(


My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer. They don’t know how bad yet, but it is a serious type. I can’t stop thinking that I still need my mom. I know it’s selfish, but my siblings have children and partners. It’s just me. I’m in my early thirties and I have friends and lovers and a good job, but I’ve never felt more alone.


To the ladies at the office who whisper & gossip: Remember when your back is turned, the person you're gossiping with is gossiping about you. Listen to how someone speaks - if they're talking shit to you about someone, most likely they're talking shit about you to someone else.

The world is such a weird place

But you know what? I'm watching it play out. Hong Kong protestors sung "God Save the Queen" yesterday. So adorable :D Looks like we need more freedom of expression and freedom of conscience in our schools. If we did that, we would lose our jobs and be sent to a special tribunal.

Text message break up

I ended a four year relationship through text message. Four years later and that’s how I ended it. I’m battling with the doubt and guilt... but I supported my ex through everything. EVERYTHING. When my family and friends had doubts about her, I ignored them. I tried to love and support her in every way I could, even when she took a job across the ocean and we had a long distance for two years. But when my career took off, she seemed to be happy for me, but she would shame me for not being the person she wanted me to be. So when she called me yelling at me at work one day over a tiny disagreement, the next morning I broke up with her through text. A part of me feels like shit that I ended it through text message, but I can’t take being putting her needs before mine anymore. Sorry “I don’t have the decency to break up with you in person”. I’m done.

Im possible

I've experienced things that I've never thought possible. I remember once when I was a teenager I started riding by bike out of my neighbourhood. I rode it to the edge of the town and then I kept riding on some country roads. I stopped at one point and thought "I never knew I could ride my bike this far without dropping of exhaustion". I feel like my life is like that now and always. I followed my heart and it got crushed. I rode it to the edges, and past the edges, and I'm still here. I thought my heart wouldn't come back to life or that it would harden. For a while it did. Love made my crushed and hardened heart come back to life, more than once. I believe in love more than I believe in anything else. It is the most important thing to me and it makes more things possible than not.


#7/Ottawa/5th & Maple/Alma dinner

too short my first bus ride - seeing you again would be a pleasure.

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