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I did my tri-yearly email to my distant father...the other days being Christmas and his birthday. He actually replied this time and wrote Happy Father's Day to you too. I don't have kids.


I finally made the trip to my favourite cat cafe. It felt so good to hear the song of my people again. I've missed it. Meow.

Why did the Nintendo Wii fail?

I still enjoy it this many years later. Some games provide good exercises. I'm too poor to buy any good VR system but I'm not complaining.

Single people with no family in Vancouver

We’ve done it! It’s almost over! Not another family holiday from now until Thanksgiving. It’s what I love about summer - not a single everyone else is with those they love while I’m here alone yet again holiday for 3 + blessed months. Those with families & partners - you have absolutely no idea how hard it is. Cut us some slack FFS.


I now realize where I learned my fake nervous laugh. My mom makes really bad jokes that aren't funny.

Mmm, Cannot wait to make a Vancouver friend

One day I'll make a Vancouver friend who is very special. We will hang out during the summer... it won't just be business networking or being used for my wealth.. Just a normal real friend.

Father's Day

My father told me today how much he'd love to have grandchildren. I smiled & looked down, respectfully didn't say anything. I love children but personally don't wish to be married or have children. But my heart cracked a little bit today. Sad because it feels like me by myself isn't enough. Sad because me not wishing a husband or children in no way makes me incomplete or less than. Sad because he'd be a great grandpa. Just a big mix of feelings.

Part Of The Solution

I removed myself from online dating because there's already too many people using it habitually that don't know what they want.


I don’t know how to shop for clothes. I am nearing 30 and still don’t know how to dress myself. I go into a store and am overwhelmed by too much choice and music and people. When I download apps I browse for hours and end up buying nothing. How do you guys do it?


I love the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. It’s great. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. It’s like pro wrestling. Is it real? Is it fake? Does it matter???


Cashier at Safeway Robson

I never really do this sort of thing. I was the red head buying crave meals lol, and your name...


Savage Love: Don’t let neighbour know you’ve seen his porn videos

Dan Savage advises a reader who subscribes to a neighbour’s porn service that he probably shouldn’t mention it if they bump into each other while running errands.

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