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I've been thinking

I think we are alone in this universe. Now hear me out . But I do think however that there are multiple universes but each in their own dimensions. One dimension with one planet with life on it in each. So multiple dimensions each with only one planet with life on it. Why you ask do I think that ? Because look at the fact on this planet how different countries are always fighting about shit constantly. Can't seem to get along and always trying to take over each other countries. Can you imagine two planets in the same universe shit they would be battling it out who's got the better planet or trying to take over the other person's planet. So that's why I think one planet in each dimension. Now that not to say that a higher evolved planet could not figure out how to transport to other dimensions, cause that is a possiblity but remember they are higher evolved so maybe they are past the killing and taking over garbage. Smarter is what I'm basically trying to say. Like we should be on this planet but we're not yet ! But I do have hope :)

Taken advantage of

I have been taken advantage of in a way I may have asked for while unwell or in a way that I don't know what to do anything about. I can't see a positive outcome. I went to the hospital to get help and found it unhelpful as they just want to focus on one thing. People screamed from the seclusion rooms and I regretted going in their completely.


I surprised myself. After spending so many years not aware of it, trying to hide it, identifying it, and feeling embarrassed. Something changed. The hairdresser pointed out the unusual breakage on my hair and I admitted I have trichotillomania. I pull out my hair when I feel anxious. It didn't feel scary to admit it strangely. What changed?


I have been going to Post Secondary schools for the past 10 years and have over $125,000 in student loan debt with no degree and way of paying it back.


This city demands gumption. Education and skill hard won. With a bank account and debt to match. Drive, emotional intelligence, health, fitness. A capacity to thrive and endure hardship I am no such soul to succeed in this marshmallow test. I still haven’t found reason for staying aside from clinging to grief and nostalgia for this place. What are we now and what do we choose to be?

I love Surrey

Just because so many people from my school are moving to Mission, doesn't mean I have to jump on the band wagon. People keep telling me that there's cheaper housing in Abbotsford. I do not want to move to there either because that place is a dump. It's chock full of gangsters and overly religious nut jobs. I'd much rather stay in Surrey. I grew up in this City. I feel much safer walking through Whalley at 2am than walking down Main and Hastings at 2pm. Surrey has a great multicultural vibe. More than I can say about Langley...that whole town is Redneck City.


I pick up so much overtime at work (nurse), exhaust myself, pray for my set to be over and my days off to start. Get too exhausted when I work too much yet again, actually take my days off, then have too much spare time to remember that my life actually sucks. Pick up more OT, repeat the cycle all over again. I fkn hate my life.


I Saw You See Me See You

I walked by you on the street along Hastings last week and recognized you from a patio last...

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