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No more "nice guys"

I went on a date last night with a "nice guy", at least that's what his profile said!! "Nice guys", why do you call yourself that when you're anything but???? Seething resentment and snapping over all polite conversation is nice? Tearing into your food pretending it's the waiter's head is nice? It's a bs persona and clearly a disguise for guys who wanna wear the title and show none of the actions. I'm skipping over profiles with "nice guy" bs mention. If you were really a nice guy, you wouldn't need to say it!!!

I lost it

I am a man with multiple health issues that are very painful. I was hurting, tired, feeling ill and some woman decided to preach at me even though I asked her to stop. She got right in my face telling me I was going to hell and deserved it. Today was NOT the day to even consider that. I called her a hypocrite and asked if she had ever worked with dying people, I have, I asked her if she had tried helping homeless people, I have. I asked her if she had spent time with elderly shut ins who just needed someone to talk to. She said No to all of those, I lost it and said who in hell did she think she was telling strangers they were going to hell. I finally said I am not going to Hell I am in it now listening to her bullshit. I hate losing it but enough is enough. Keep your damn religious views to yourself and stop trying to push it on everyone. You chose your faith let me choose mine. And if it differs from yours, shut up, its none of your business! And leave people who are in pain alone.

Saving $$ + losing lbs

I confess I feel great! Vowed in April to stop buying monthly passes and to walk or cycle everywhere I can, and also since July have stopped eating Tim Hortons and other fast food... and it’s fantastic. Losing weight and spending less never felt so good. Fuck you translink but thank you also for your shitty service pushing me to be healthier. So always look on the bright side folks <3

Im mad at me today

I was suppost to tell somebody something today and I chickened out. I tried too before and some work business got in the way. Is that a sign, maybe not too? I had full intentions of saying something this morning, before work. I did! Try Again Monday? I want to trust again!

"User Error"

I'm tired of being told that I'm "doing it wrong" in a broken system. I'm just the only one who actually cares about doing it right.


I'm severely allergic to my best friend's cat. Even after taking allergy meds, I have a bad reaction for the next 24 hours. I haven't told them because their company is worth the wheezing.

Quarter life crisis

I'm confessing that my life is mess. I didn't go to school for the longest time being afraid to get out there. I eventually went to school and fell in love with a career I can't have because of my epilepsy. Now I have debt and I don't know what else I want to do. Guys aren't attracted to me, I'm broke living at home at 26 and my mental health is declining as I write this. I'm just so broken down. The worst part is, I turn to food to comfort myself through all of this.

I'm beginning to think

I'm not as likable as I'd like to believe. Why else is it so hard to make plans with the people I know? It's a tough pill to swallow. I am so lonely and I want to change, but I don't know how.

old money

I used to be rich, had everything handed to me houses, cars, cash. never had to work or put effort into anything, since I lost it all i now work full time to barely pay rent for a tiny apartment and have no money left over to buy anything. I strangely feel better about myself and more fulfilled now than when I was rich and lounging around on yachts.

Why is leaving a place.

You pretty much come to hate so difficult. It was never this way before, leaving was as simple as "Road trip bro" "Hell ya I'll go steal a car"( and I really suck at stealing cars that was always buddy's job) Now I confess, I've forgotten how to board a bus. :( Baby steps one bus at a time.


#7/Ottawa/5th & Maple/Alma dinner

too short my first bus ride - seeing you again would be a pleasure.

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