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She has such a beautiful smile

I should really figure out a way for it not to freeze me, go over and ask her out. What is wrong with me

Settling up relationships

I think making compromises and coming to understandings is great as long as it's with the right person. If you settle for the wrong person you could end up compromising on more than what's for dinner. You could compromise yourself into becoming dinner. It's better to be alone than with the wrong person that doesn't mind when you compromise your soul for what they desire.

Spooky weird woman

I like pagan woman when they take care of themselves. However, many of them do not take care of themselves and let themselves go. Why are they mostly all fat? Shouldn't there be a spell for weight loss somewhere out there?

We need real barber shops

That cater to us real men, where we can talk man stuff like cars, football, hunting & fishing. Where the barbers are all men & aren't wearing skinny gay hipster jeans & mam buns, where they give a real clean manly shave & haircut, not to be around women, where we are only around our bros, our buddies, tough hard men who are really manly.

If science is so great....

Then why haven't they found a cute for cancer otr ALS or autism or neurodevelopmental problems or Alzheimers or blindness Maybe people should put their faith in Jesus instead of unproven mumble jumble made up stuff & live a holy life for Him.

I feel like a good

A woman liked a post of mine online. Simply clicked the like button. I went and looked at her profile, simply because she is gorgeous. She likes the same foods as I do, loves animals like I do, loves beaches like me. Having sworn off love and admittedly is a very superficial way. I think I have fallen in love . Yuk.

The countdown begins

Tic tock tic tock. Let the adventures begin ! The chains will be off, the cell door open. Ummmm fresh air ! How refreshing it will truly be. I maybe living under a rock somewhere but it will be my rock, on my terms. No more lies, substandard conditions, ridiculous behaviors that you must endure or expections that are never met. Going to open the files I have been keeping and share them with the world because it's long overdue. Maybe that is my purpose in life.

I confess it's never going to happen again

I'm not sure how dumb a person could be to think they can send me an email using a fake name, but I know exactly who you are. It takes almost no time to match up IP's but I didn't even really need to. You see, your stunted, child like, petulance always comes through. It's like you never matured beyond the age of sixteen and you know it. You're floundering, your narcissism and arrogance are yours to deal with. I think you're starting to get the reality that I won't deal with it ever again. I won't. You do the asshole that is you. I'll do my own fine self.

Punks these days

Is it just me, or are they turning a bit into the leftist version of skin-heads? I'm pretty liberal and I've got some concerns. It might just be the nature of politics right now in general, but they seem particularly untrustworthy of anything to do with power.

Wasted on You

Listening to the new song by Andy Shauf it repeats blissfully in the background. And if I’m honest, yes, all your love was wasted on me. And yet if I consider my own love, didn’t I also?


Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like...

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