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I dont see a future

I dont see the point of this shitty unjust world and frankly I dont want to be a part of it anymore. There is no point to all of this. Not for all the hard work and hardship we have to endure everyday, while so many things are so wrong and bad in this world. Killing ourselves and our planet for money. The rich keep getting richer off the sweat of the poor, hard working people. Thats the point. Its all a mirage With no true meaning. Checking out soon and I'm sure that will make many people happy . Your welcome in advance. So sad, so sad indeed, when we practice to deceive.

Imaginary Island

One time I received a ginormous grant to document an undiscovered island. Only I couldn't find one (admittedly I didn't look very hard), so for around 6 years every vacation until the money ran out I did find lots of real islands, and I inventoried their beer, hammocks, bikini varieties and tropical fruit.

Moving hell

My confession is I turn into a crazy person when I'm moving. I wish I was rich. I'd pay someone to do everything.

Seriously love working from home

They are going to have to pay me shitloads to go back to that traffic. Goodbye Vancouver if they force it upon me. Not worth it. Remote work thank you! I will travel and work.

Garibaldi is a mess

So many hikers... and now they bring drones with them. Ugh. You can't even get away into nature anymore without a stupid robot flying through the sky. I hate people who fly drones in provincial parks. They're terrible.

It’s rare to see it

But I don’t see vancouverites wearing goretex and jeans anymore. This city is dead to me. Yup central.

I would love to be

Part of a wild wolf pack... just howling, hunting, sleeping with my friends. Oh my god. And we'd eat mushrooms :)


I bought one sometime in late winter and I used it every day for a month or so. I have not used it since because it's a pain in the ass to clean and dry out each time. I think I wasted my money on this thing.

Friends always go out

Even during Covid, my friends go out and do stuff. I sent them one picture of me at a bar after I went out like one night during the whole pandemic, and now they want me to wear a mask or not hang out. Mostly I am just social distancing, going to the gym, or visiting the rents. They're out smoking cigarettes and drinking though while socializing.


Exchanged glances at Joe’s Cafe

I was sitting at the window at Joe’s Cafe with my girlfriend on Wednesday September 23rd around...


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