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Needy Neighbour

I have a neighbour that is constantly asking for favours or just wants to hang out. When we do hangout she won’t leave. She just makes more and more plans so I can’t escape. Because if Covid she can no longer pay her rent and has to move. I must confess, a week ago I couldn’t wait for her to be gone but she’s actually the only thing that gets me out of my house or interacting with anyone. What will happen to me now? It’s scary to think about.

Covid crushes

I have no where to go and nowhere to be. Never see anyone outside of my household. With so much screen time I have developed massive crushes on the smart, funny or beautiful men I watch. It’s some weird fallout of zero human social opportunity to connect with others. It’s like my brain is seeking any clear channel of a competent or hot male specimen, even if it’s just pixels.

Who would it be?

In my musings I was thinking that if you were confused at all about how you feel about someone, besides family members, you could ask yourself who you’d want to be with you holding your hand at the end of your life. As soon as I thought about that, the answer became completely clear. I’m not talking about a fantasy person. Someone who’s either in your life now or was in your life in the past.


Remember Hinder? The band. I miss Hinder. The old Hinder. Y'know, with Austin Winkler. He was such a great vocal artist. I miss his music. Sex, drugs, rock n roll. He did a fantastic job. I still listen to his albums and rock out to them. This new guys sucks. I want to get the old Hinder back. Who's with me?

I didn't want to do this

Our friendship is over. We were close for over 10 years, until my friend took up with a very mentally unwell person. This person, after months of trying to befriend me, began stalking me, and then hating me when I disengaged. One of my parents was dying and I couldn't deal with making a new friend. My other parent is mentally ill. I tried to look beyond it (I'm not the type of person to be offended if a person with a diagnosed mental illness hates me; they're sick and I know that). But I had to tell my friend I couldn't befriend their new partner. I am not a bad person. I just had NO idea how to build any kind of relationship with someone so ill. And now? I don't want to. I have cordial relationships with all of my friends' partners, and am close to some of them I've known for decades, but I could not handle making this new friend, just because it made MY friend feel better...Now my friend has completely turned against me. I put up with my friends rude comments, putdowns, I was honest but polite about my limitations, so they cut me off. I tried calling, texting,'s done. I don't know...I'm not young and have had other friendships peter out over the years but this one really makes me sad. Life goes on, I guess.

Stanley Park without cars was awesome...

Been riding my bike in Stanley Park regularly since March when they banned car traffic. I went for a ride yesterday and was so disappointed to see all the cars driving through again... I was enjoying the quieter version of the park which required you to actually walk or ride a bike to reach some areas of the park. I suppose those with less mobility can enjoy the park again and that is totally fair but something deep down irks me to see the return of vehicles...

The real one

I'm effed up and effed over and nobody believes me. I cannot find a way to help myself, find a way for the suffering to stop or find a supportive place anywheres in the world because my problem is so unique. Furthermore, anyone who's tried to help me basically adds to the guilt, lucky to have them, cause I'm sucking them into my effed zone. I'm hoping it passes cuz I'm too mentally disturbed to do anything else

Zero Motivation

I used to be creative. I’ve lost my desire to even try. It’s almost like I’m just lazy now. Getting a pen to paper is too much effort. I wander back and forth from the bathroom and stare at the computer all day while accomplishing absolutely nothing. I’m even losing my will to go grocery shopping. I just can’t be bothered. I went outside to try and go for a walk and it just started pissing rain. It was beautiful yesterday but it never lasts for more than a day. If I never saw another day of rain in my life I wouldn’t miss it.

Hey. Wondering

Is anyone else out there having trouble with responding to ads on Craigslist Are you finding alot are scams. Everything Cars for sale Apts for rent Looking for musicians Rides shares Jobs even They seem good at first your chatting about meeting them but then they disappear , or they give you some crazy reason why you can see what for sale or its located on some remote island somewhere. Or they seem to forget about the original ad and just try to chat you up. You call someone about an apt ,you go to the apt and the owner says its rented, i had just spoken with him 15 mins earlier on the phone. An ad is posted for a van I responded right after posting. Right after Its already sold Timing ? Scammy ? Frustrating :(


My co-worker is a nosy person and always looks at my screen to see what I'm doing and then comments about it. However, he doesn't allow anyone to know what is going on in his life...


Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with...

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in...


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