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All you wannabe poets

Don't mess with me or I'll wrap an onomatopoeia around your iambic pentameter.


To get to the point, i'm becoming a bad person. I'm not going to get into the details, but i can feel and see it, and i can feel it getting worse by the week. I don't have a lot going on in life and have had the future i wanted taken from me which has cause A LOT of bitterness. I stay away from people as much as i can because who would want to be around what i have become. BUT I HAVE TO, and it is NOT fun. I see no future. Seriously folks, what's the point of it all? To just work and pay bills everyday?

It might very well be

the potato vodka, but I'd pregorize the heck outta yennifer from the witcher, thank you season three trailer very much.


I can't seem to hang on to friendships. People seem to drift away, cancel plans or find better people to be seen out and about with. It's lonely. And the loneliness wears down one's energy and motivation to make new friends.

Sunny Side Up

I went vegan in 2016. Was fine until I became allergic to almost every food ever. Added back in eggs and dairy this year and it was so freeing...but now I'm pretty sure I have become lactose intolerant. Maybe in moderation it's okay but not enjoying the sudden bathroom emergencies. Eggs would be the sadder one to lose so hope I can keep that. I had forgotten how great fried eggs were. On a rice cracker, a little salt and fresh cracked pepper, it's amazing.


For a while I worked in a nursing home. I don’t have much to say about it really. It was ok.

I swear to God

sometimes reading the confessions page here is like walking into a conspiracy theorist’s den. Though I must admit some of these pretty entertaining. From crazy vegans, to toxic coworkers, dating in Vancouver, ugly people in open marriages and so on, etc.…gives me something to read at bedtime. To those who post, keep it coming. Love the entertainment!


There are so many people walking around with the wrong ideas in their heads about how our world works, yet it amazes me how the stars and planets still manage to revolve around Earth.

Strange dream

My dreams are numerous, although I can’t remember all of them. One dream in particular often comes to mind. I dreamt that I walked into a swimming pool with purple chlorine and lavender acoustic guitars floating across the deep end. There were weeping willow trees with leaves sunk into the water. Somehow, I had this strange feeling as though I had walked into a scene from the Beatles film, Yellow Submarine.

A crazee confession.....

That music is the Ozempic commercial is quite catchy, in fact it can be a hit song on Virgin Radio or MOVE 103.5....I guess that's why the drug sells.


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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