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People who take too long in the toilet

especially at restaurants, can go eat a dick. I waited nearly 13 mins for some pony tailed fat guy to get out of the washroom. He looked like he was washing his greasy face in there. I know many people will cry: IBS, lITeRaLlY cHroNs disease! Yeah other people have that too and they also need to use the bathroom.

Foot in mouth disease

I confess that I’ve had the occasional case of FIMD. Here’s one example: was having a rare meal out with one of my siblings and we were talking about random shit when somehow the topic of clothes came up. I started laughing about how a lot of married guys have the worst clothing styles and wear things that have been outdated for a decade. I described one of my most hated outfits in particular, the newbalance shoes, the baggy jeans with the tight ankles, and an ugly golf-style T-shirt. I’m cracking up and he just says “you mean like the outfit I’m wearing right now ?” Yup, there was that.

I'll say it; Never Again

Finally got to see some of my family again after COVID. So nice to be verbally abused, the constant put downs, the insane high strung energy. We're supposed to get together again in September. As soon as they leave town I will text them I will not be attending. Who needs that shit? Not me.

I'm so happy

I'm not bald.would I be one of the wannabees that grows a big beard to "make up for it"? Not a chance, clownshow.

I can understand now

How men of intelligence often end up in isolation. People like Hemingway come to mind. Sure, he was a narcissist and an asshole but putting up with strangers is easier than putting up with "friends" and family that exhibit nothing other than dark triad traits. You want to abuse, put down or whatever, you do that, you just won't be doing it to me.

I can't see how

Anyone would want you as a "friend", I sure don't want to be anywhere near you. I'm pretty certain you will never figure out it's you that's the problem.


If you were offered a house in a small town in Canada on the condition that you must leave Vancouver - where would you move to and why?

Thanks a million, you guys

Thank you very much for saving us if that’s what you did. Words cannot express what a relief it is. A huge weight has been lifted. Yesterday was probably going to be one of the worst days ever. If things didn’t turn out in our favour, I would’ve been crushed but okay after a while. The worst thing already happened to me and I am fine now. All the difficult stuff has made me the toughest person even if emotional sometimes. Time to decompress and have a peaceful weekend. To anyone going through something, it’ll be okay no matter what. If you’ve lost someone very important to you, just know they’re proud and watching over you every day. You’ve got this! Celebrate life any way you want. You matter. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Punk in a Lamborghini Aventador LP780 4 Ultimae

I was behind a teenager driving a $700,000.00 Lamborghini Aventador LP780 4 Ultimae. He was having trouble shifting and he was holding up traffic. I gave him a light tap on the horn and he came out of the car and approached me. I guess he saw how big I was and the little punk went back to his car. He still couldn't get it moving, so I gave him another gentle tap on the horn. Again, he got out of the car and approached me and I was laughing at him. He went back to his car and eventually figured out how to get it in gear.


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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