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Understand this

I will bloody say Whatever Whenever, I bloody want.. You hear me. I will never be Shhhh'd, Bloody Again. By No Dam (Damn) Body. Straight Out !


Not a fan. It hurts to serve. Perhaps if you do it properly it doesn’t. And it’s too chaotic. You never know where the ball is going. And when you screw up you stand out like a sore thumb. At least in baseball there’s more distance between people. Here’s to wrist guards and a supportive environment.

Gave blood...

... In summer. Felt great for a while. Then felt sicker and sicker. Winter blues? Nope. Went to doctor, demanded iron test. Doc insists nobody is anemic except women. Finally got test. Hemoglobin was avg but iron stores low. Doc said I was fine, offered antidepressants. Said no. Decided to start eating fortified breakfast cereal. Within 3 days no more blah. My mom also got anemic, doc never caught it she had to go private, they caught it. Moms hemoglobin was fine too. Our medical system sucks. Had this hapoen as a kid too. Had eczema. Detmatologist making six figures yucked it up about how I neede a month in Hawaii. Rx cortisone cream. Eczema went away once I started eating more protein. Glad im not on antidepressants using creams for nutritional problems...


Never had them until last night on a pizza. Truly spectacular. I went all out ninja turtles style.


It now feels like to me that my friend knew I was sinking and starting to drown and instead of throwing me a life preserver, they threw a concrete block. And smiled to my face. The cracks are starting to show more now ! Its hard to be wrong sometimes. Life lesson.

I Like Nothing Better

Than a pretty chef to hang out, cook together, and go out to eat with. My foodie friends wherever they are, I love them all.

Falling out of Love

It's so painful to admit. I am losing the energy to fight for the relationship, to believe that things can change, to believe that the other person can change. When you reflect back on a relationship, and feel hurt and frustration rather than love and fondness, is it time? I feel like I've been in denial that things haven't working for some time. It is hard to move past past hurts. They wanted to leave at points too, and I'm thinking we both clung onto the relationship out of fear of loss and loneliness. Truthfully, I fear I'm hanging onto an idea of a person and a relationship that I'm probably not fully myself in, nor feeling valued in. This sucks.

Looking me up and down

I have to laugh. So many can relate.. But then why is it still so uncomfortable. I have a sister in law who i love. I cant stand it however that whenever i stand up from thw couch or come up the stairs or come over how she always looks my body up and down. Last weekend i was thinking oh god i dont want to get up from the couch because will she do that fucking weird thing again ?!? I got up and sure enough I get the body scan. Someone tell me what the fuck is up with this? I dress appropriate. Im in good shape. I dont have boob spillage No booty shorts No thong showing What is she looking for.. Lol

Cream cheese

I often eat the smoked salmon cream cheese with my fingers and then cover up the evidence with butter knife marks.

Tropical Highlights

A freakin' enormous grasshopper flew in my apartment last night. It was like chasing around a magic full-size desk stapler (a very very angry, frightened and confused stapler with very powerful springs). It was smashing itself into all the walls, my wife was screaming, running around all over, total pandemonium, definitely beats watching Netflix in the Canadian cold.


I saw you at Costco in Langley

Passing by the freezer section far right of store. You army green coat, short perfect hair steel...

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