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Dear Company, please do not consider the following as adequate employee perks: 1) free parking. You’re just encouraging people to drive. I use the bus and ride my bike. This benefit is useless. 2) free pop. We’re not children at a beach picnic. This benefit is useless. 3) employee of the month plaques. This benefit is useless. Can I pay my bills with free parking, free pop or a decorative frame? No. My landlord does not take such currency. Provide a real perk like a cash bonus or gift card. Stop wasting my time with you cheapening out on me.

All I want for Christmas

Is to get my surgery that I’ve been on a wait list for a year already dammit. My quality of life is on the line here

The journey

Six months ago I left my old job that sucked the life out of me. I shut off my cellphone so that none of my coworkers would call to ask me what had happened. Got myself a new haircut and shaved off my beard. Then I stopped eating fatty foods and lost a lot of weight. Alcohol and cannabis were my go to when I was depressed at work but they just made me much worse, so I cut them both completely out of my life.

Bad Week

I got laid off at work last Friday due to structural changes within the company. I am not sure what that means but it means I am out of a job. I replied to about 50 job postings online and I have a couple of interviews lined up next week so I am keeping positive. So I tell my girlfriend about being laid off and she tells me a man without a job is like a house with no foundation. I am no genius but I think she just dumped me.

All I want for Christmasis

A little understanding some return on my feelings in and out. And trusted loving loyal. I know A lot to ask.

I have this friend

who's married and is completely addicted to porn and prostitutes. And yet he judges and criticizes me and others (including his own nephew) for struggling with alcohol addiction. He's completely blind to his own hypocrisy so I had no choice but to cut him out of my life. Life is already tough enough without judgmental pricks.

Found out

My Dad is sick. Changes things you know. People let you down sometimes but you never know when it may be the last time you chat or see that person. He's a fighter though. We are such different people like Oil and Water, but I love him. Wish time could stand still awhile. It Never does...

Sex and the Rhinoceros

Sex and Sumatran rhinoceroses So I’m lying in bed Post orgasmic Spent My mind wanders In weird melancholic ways Letdowns feel like The news of Gord Downie’s Death The passing of John Mann From my precious Spirit of the West And that damn Sumatran rhino Hauntingly A reminder of our future’s frantic Scramble for the Black Friday Deal A hole Gapes open Yawning Fill me Sad and longing

One month more! Due to great weather!

I have been wearing shorts for as long as I can this year and I broke my record! But brrrr it is cold out there. There’s three more days left in this month and I’m going to finish them off with a shriveled penis!


YVR Airport Skytrain

You ... Jamaican hottie living in Richmond. Me just back from Vegas needing help navigating the...

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