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All the time...but what do I fill it with. How to stop myself from smoking weed and sleeping all day. Must find interest in hobbies once more and dedicate energy to art...

Inching up

I’m creeping up to the same age where my dad was let go from his job and never worked again. My male friends have reached this age, reaching the same fate as my dad: let go and not to get hired again in years. I get anxiety over ageism at work. I do my job well and execute my projects well. But I can’t shake the feeling that once past X age, they want to put you out to pasture.

I think everyone gets it now

Political slacktavism just pissed everyone off on Facebook, which also happens to be more than half the world. Now when people come up to me and force me to take their 2 minute news blurb (pre-packaged with a political view) into account, I tell them to bugger off because they're annoying. They're more left and right shit. Nobody wants to see society divided though, so f them :)


I translate, write, and edit for a living, and admit that I cannot spell in English to save my life---this despite the fact that my nose is always in books and between lines. Written English ain't easy!

The Post I Won't Write On Facebook

I'm leaving Vancouver for good in two weeks, heartbroken and single. Anyone from the opposite sex who has had any curiosity about me and would like to have a fling, NOW IS THE TIME.

Understand this

I will bloody say Whatever Whenever, I bloody want.. You hear me. I will never be Shhhh'd, Bloody Again. By No Dam (Damn) Body. Straight Out !


Not a fan. It hurts to serve. Perhaps if you do it properly it doesn’t. And it’s too chaotic. You never know where the ball is going. And when you screw up you stand out like a sore thumb. At least in baseball there’s more distance between people. Here’s to wrist guards and a supportive environment.

Gave blood...

... In summer. Felt great for a while. Then felt sicker and sicker. Winter blues? Nope. Went to doctor, demanded iron test. Doc insists nobody is anemic except women. Finally got test. Hemoglobin was avg but iron stores low. Doc said I was fine, offered antidepressants. Said no. Decided to start eating fortified breakfast cereal. Within 3 days no more blah. My mom also got anemic, doc never caught it she had to go private, they caught it. Moms hemoglobin was fine too. Our medical system sucks. Had this hapoen as a kid too. Had eczema. Detmatologist making six figures yucked it up about how I neede a month in Hawaii. Rx cortisone cream. Eczema went away once I started eating more protein. Glad im not on antidepressants using creams for nutritional problems...


Never had them until last night on a pizza. Truly spectacular. I went all out ninja turtles style.


It now feels like to me that my friend knew I was sinking and starting to drown and instead of throwing me a life preserver, they threw a concrete block. And smiled to my face. The cracks are starting to show more now ! Its hard to be wrong sometimes. Life lesson.


Strangers on a train

Dear Chad (NoLastName, but your mom’s name is Simone). We met during a train delay from Seattle...

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