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All My Relations .... re: Toppling Statues

is an issue these days ie. the controversy of the John A. MacDonald statue. I sympathize with those who are suffering the intergenerational traumas of colonization. I am one myself. However, the 'me versus them' mentality most often only makes things worse. How about we leave the statues where they are and put up our own statues in the same location with a plaque explaining what really historically happened and our prayers for a better future. OCM - Coast Salish Sto:lo affirmations of positive love.

Found in translation

I professionally translate/adapt dialogue for plays, movie scripts, TV shows and the like from X language into English. I confess that whenever I get to the argument bits, I always pepper the text with witty one liners and fleeting expletives from (in some cases, decades' old) fights between me and all my exes, and from bitter-turned-comical spats my mum and dad used to get in. My late gutter-tongued aunt also is a source of inspiration when words fail me. I do so largely for the sake of flow, authenticity, and naturality when the context calls for it. And trust me, the material is as juicy and colourful as one can get, not to mention seemingly bottomless. Makes for fantastic therapy. :-)

I guess I’m old

When did it become expected that parents would be doing their child’s homework along with the child? I keep seeing this and I don’t get it at all. The idea is that the child is the one doing the assignment, and if they don’t get it right they don’t earn the marks for it. How is a teacher supposed to know the true ability of the child if their assignments are being done with the parent? My parents never once helped me with homework, and for the most part my kids also did their own assignments. I get helping them with certain things or helping them study by quizzing them or something, but sitting beside your kid for hours doing their assignments with them is ridiculous.

I am That Guy

I want a relationship but it never ends up there. It just ends up being sex and not much else. I would like to have a relationship that's more then sex. Its like you bounce from one woman to another. Its always "We're just hanging out". So we're never dating but we have sex 2 or 3 times a week. I don't understand why I am not bf material. I am not a #$#$# boy.


The other day I was about to close the apartment door I've been short-term renting and a cat waltzed right in. It had clearly been there before. It walked right over to the couch and jumped up next to me. I worked on my laptop and it settled right in, and I think I felt the happiest I've felt in a long time.


Two options: Do I take Door 1 - job I have no honest interest in for a 40% pay cut or what I was making 20 years ago. Or Do I take Door 2 - status quo unemployment and build business with partner who is super eager to launch? It seems like a betrayal to myself to rewind my salary gains 2 decades back. Advocating for more. It’s 2024 with killer inflation after all. If I do #1 I’ll just end up quitting anyway rite?

Always fresh? Not particularly

So I hear Tim Horton’s now has a retro collection with their old school logo marked on merchandise. If Timmy’s wanted to impress me, then all they have to do is bring back good stuff that they had in back in the day like the garden vegetable sandwich, The blueberry bran muffin, and chilli in a bread bowl. I stopped going there a long time ago ever since the Company was bought by an American corporation.


I come off as intense because I am. I really do not have time for a superficial life whatsoever. If some people have an issue with that too bad, so sad. Sorry not sorry.


I have been suffering constant telepathy FOREVER. Some people think it's mental health, some people think it's spiritual, but I know it's caused by photographs on a string. I don't know the trick exactly, but does anyone know how to make it stop? I've heard of this referred to as vampires, the organization, the company, blah blah blah, but there has got to be away, equally simple to stop this constant junk im being forced to listen to. Brave up and help a human out

Today's music is crap....

That's right I said it, why do young people/youth today listen to talentless hipster groups that no one has heard of, like The Dead Milkmen, The Cure, The Selector, Alice Bag, Alien Sex Fiend, The Gun Club, SNFU etc....why can't young people listen to good ol' rock n roll of the past like Chicago, Alan Parsons project, Emerson Lake & Palmer Air Supply or Ambrosia....good rock music should not be forgotten....& today's youth should not forget that.


Happy Day Cafe on Kingsway

You were sitting by yourself & you ordered a few Curry Fish Balls and a few deep-fried Spring...

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