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Summer 2023

Great start to this summer season, broke my finger at the beach yesterday! Now I’ll have to wait another six weeks to enjoy all the sun as to offer. My main concern is how on earth will I put myself to sleep? That’s my favourite finger!

Thank you, St. Jude.

For answering my prayers and giving me the strength to move on. I was finally able to clean on my own. Please continue to intercede for me. P.B.


Is not what it was years ago. I’m tired of all these current reporters that keep airing out their personal feelings, wasting valuable broadcast time. Real journalists are supposed to report the news, not comment on it.

I caught you in your last lie to me today

That's now three times you've lied about the same thing. Each lie different. No story the same. I didn't flinch. You had no idea what I knew. So the lies are real. You're going to be amazed how I deal with this.

What is wrong with people?

I confess that I just don’t get why some people seem so dense about how their behaviour affects other people. There’s this group of people in my neighbourhood who get together to play games, probably like D & D or something, and they always have their patio door wide open for hours as they scream and laugh and all talk and shout at once. They’re so loud that we can’t hear our tv and forget about trying to sleep. I just don’t get why they’re so inconsiderate. Can’t they just close the door or something. If you say anything to people like that they call you a karen but the obnoxious ones are them, not the person who’s finally had enough.


Gorden Lightfoot your beautiful soulful songs will live on forever. They will be lucky to have you in heaven but we will miss you. If you could read my mind ♥️ True Musical Artist

Thank you, new hairdresser

I switched hairdressers because I wanted something within walking distance to where I live. I saw her yesterday and we worked out a modified way of colouring my hair. I asked her how much this new modification would be. And she said she wouldn’t charge me, or would just charge for the washing time, or that I could pay her next time. I was floored; a hair service where I could “pay her next time”?? I felt so trusted! Finally, some service where I’m seen as a reliable regular. I get my nails done, massages, pedicures, and the service people have always had their hand out, just waiting expecting their tip. For a service person to say “pay me next time”, I felt so appreciated for once. Thank you, lady.

Unique and Special

Obsession is absurd. I've long thought over what makes her special to me. Some kind of brilliant personality or a quark or...? A decade later and no closer to moving on or figuring it all out I thought well, it must be physical. She's just uniquely beautiful. And she was... until I visited her city, and she's everywhere like grains of sand. How do I eliminate caring about someone with nothing left to eliminate?

To the men on FetLife

Please for the love of god...please stop having your dick as a profile women want to see that.

When I was a boy in Brooklyn

When I was a boy in Brooklyn, everything was closed on Sunday, except the many churches and one designated pharmacy. When the fog came in from Gravesend Bay, you could only hear the church bells and the fog horns. Now that the world moves at 24/7, and nothing is ever closed, I wonder if anyone will ever hear the church bells and the fog horns.


Roller Skating Pixie Vanishes in East Van

You and a friend were celebrating her birthday and came into the bar after an evening of roller...

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