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After the Fire

I remember watching ash falling from the sky like summer snow with amazement then horror as the blaze skipped over a vast valley one year. The sleepless nights on standby to flee from home ever vigilant of that red eclipse engulfing the mountainside. Water damaged roof frantically dousing the family home. That question, when there’s only yourself held together with trembling arms now reaching for that one precious thing you can carry away. What will you save? Then, everything disintegrated, yet never a clean slate.

Waiting in Vain

Waiting months to over a year for medical services that help with healing and coping, yet cigarettes, coffee, candy, fast food, alcohol, tattoos, sex, and drugs are just around the corner in ample supply. I don’t value those things and they don’t solve my problems. I’m off to the library, park and community centre to walk, to journal, to call a friend. I’m doing the best I can.

Reading between the lines

Ever notice how when Michael Jackson died the lame stream corporate media blew the whole thing out of proportion, and kept focussing on it day in and day out? It dragged on for months. Yet when Paul Reubens aka Pee-wee Herman died yesterday, the news basically came and went very fast. It’s like no one even cared. Wow.

Elusive happiness

I honestly don’t know what makes me happy anymore. The pandemic destroyed a lot in my life: my good job, my ease being with people and crowds, my family relationships, the reasons for my friendships. I’ve tried to “reintegrate”…. And I feel so disconnected. I feel like I’ve outgrown my hobbies that used to give me identity. So I am in this strange, grey, free fall transition phase. Wish me muck on the other side.

Justin Trudeau and Taylor Swift

Justin doesn't have much street cred left, which is why he shouldn't try to lure popular and untainted people into Canada. Built up our infrastructure and make it better so that people want to come to Canada, you old dink.

Befuddled & Perplexed

I confess I'm a bit confused as to why fans would throw objects at performers at live concerts. WTF is that all about?! Get a grip people!!

Wait a minute here…

Let me get this straight…your “love language” involves me having to basically take care of you like a child, shower you with compliments day and night, never disagree or have needs of my own, be available whenever you want me, and treat you like some kind of god? That sounds a lot more like slavery than love, so no thanks.

Positive space mandates

These are terrible! We have to act so PC polite like we are from some puritan age with respect for our elders. Our elders are just people with shitloads of money and zero values now. I don't want to act positive. I want to get belligerently mad because people were sold out in Canada and can no longer afford to live in Canada! All so virtue signalling idiots can have feel-good conversations at cocktail parties. Encouraging positive spaces and shitty times is moronic socialist shit. I hate it.


Overground from Hackney to Clapham Junction

I doubt you will ever gonna read this but… if you are thee guy who stared at me the whole journey...

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