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This may heal you…

But this will kill me…you just made me so disposable.

I’m feeling naughty and…

I kind of want to try a glory home after seeing a video online but I’m not sure if women are allowed to go or not and I’m too embarrassed to ask

I can't remember how to kiss

I also forget how to hold hands. Luckily, I don't think I will ever be called upon to demonstrate my awkwardness.

And another thing about Bud Light

Seriously lol....the far right people like Ted Nugent & John Rich etc are still going on about Bud Light "wokeness" ...I mean they bitch about mamby pamby wimps yet they get easily triggered by what a beer company does lol.....I guess that's what happens when washed up musicians go on YouTube & foam at the mouth.

I kid you not

I was dumbfounded. My housing worker at the shelter where I currently reside actually said to me "we don't want people to be too comfortable here because this is a temporary shelter and we don't want you to get so comfortable that you will not find your own place ". I couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth ! Well let me tell you, you are accomplishing that 100 percent !

Burnout or sweet victory?

I left the city. Pandemic was very difficult while also navigating heartbreak and watching loved ones fall yo addiction. I now live in the woods in northern bc. Every time I visit , I feel less and and less inclined. I don't like being around people anymore , or the buzz of energy that comes from being in the city. It's all so different now. Everyone aged out or died. Life is much slower and I am so very in love. I confess . I am no longer who I used to be. The party is over. I love my quiet.

Stop screwing over farmers and consumers

Big grocery store chains and manufacturing have doubled the cost of food the consumer buys while the farmer who grows it sees no increase in payment or funds for that same food for years, barely making ends meet on their farms. The increases happen at the retail and manufacturing level for no damn reason except to line the corporate pockets. Why is this being allowed to happen ? You know if the farmer stopped growing food for you would have nothing to sell ! Empty Ass Shelves ! Maybe unline your pockets and pay the farmer more and stop overcharging people at your stores. You know you are still making outrageous profits. Think about that greedy corporations!!

Why the thought police

People once used to be liberal in our society. Liberals are, instead, now akin to sad clowns who use the word like it's a brandname for a popularity contest. They can be very serious, but you can see how sad they are putting on the face. They are stuck wearing clownface.

Must be nice

To be the daughter of the boss. You get to be lazy as hell and incompetent too! In fact you can do the bare minimum, complain about everything and still have a job. Isn’t nepotism wonderful!

King Charles - NO

The true King is Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, they bumped Martin but what he stood for will always be the lighthouse to guide us out of these perilous times on the edge of WW3 and environment crisis.


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