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We need to talk about your lack of self-esteem.

Look, I understand your business is your business. I understand your childhood was seriously messed up and you're struggling with the fallout. But your low opinion of yourself, your lack of self-esteem or self-confidence does NOT give you the right to subtly criticize, nitpick, gaslight and generally make others feel less than.

I don't know if this is crazy or commonplace or what but

In order to cope better with my saddening, dysfunctional family over the holidays, I make a box for myself filled with my favourite foods like almonds, dried fruit, potato chips. It sits on my kitchen counter unopened and it's waiting for me when I return. It makes me feel safe knowing it's there. After the holidays are over, I'm allowed to treat myself to what's inside.

Life is pain.

But pain makes it worth it when you overcome. Been 5 years since I sent I've had a drink. Coincidentally been 5 years since my ex has had to deal with any drunken texts or emails.

Can u stop already

Dating is a human right. And a need. I don't want DDD for 5 minutes, I need an emotional connection as well, Even if it's casual. Could u stop forcing ur views on me and ur life on me and let me go so we can do normal activities on the way we want?

Please don't say I should be happy with what I have....

But I'm a middle age guy getting up there on age, on government disability (mental health shit) & no girlfriend I'm not looking for a "hot yaletown party girl) just a normal girl...but being on government disability is the kids of death if you're a guy looking for a girlfriend.....yes I was married but she was bi polar, had eating disorder, was possessive, I never saw my family never saw my niece's & nephews grow up, thank god I see my family...but shit, the affection & intimacy for a woman to give & recieve is what I desire, with someone normal....I'm a nice, courteous guy, believe in respect & consent & boundaries I don't stare & leer at young 22 year old women, I'm not religious I believe I'm equal rights for LGBTQ2s people & justice for Indigenous people, I'm not a conspiracy theorist who thinks COVID shots cause leprosy & turns children into French speaking gay I am a clear thinker not a university educated person, but I am aware of things...anyway...thank you

That Time Of Year

I hate staff xmas parties. Why even bother?

The good old days

Sometimes, I miss those old days where I didn’t need to look at a menu online before going into any restaurant. I miss the excitement of imagining how my favourite meal would taste once it comes out of the oven.

When dreams come true

There you were: you asked me to wait for you. I explained I can only see you alone and with no devices present. I admitted I do not like her. You said you are ok to break your promise. Not much left to say. My offer still stands. No matter what. Always.


Am I the only one that thinks BC Premier David Eby is the spitting image of Jon Arbuckle? I swear to God he looks exactly like Garfield’s dorky owner.


Something strange has been happening to me lately. I wonder if it’s happened to anybody else? I remember what I did when I was 14 years old but for some reason, I cannot seem to remember what I did yesterday or even last week.


Bar at the Westin Bayshore

You were by yourself at H tasting lounge bar inside the Westin Bayshore hotel. You had the...

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