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Healthy purging

We all should be with someone who makes us feel good and good about ourselves. Proving I could do that stopped feeling good when he went out of his way to prove how incapable he is; to do so means it's not all about him, which is not in his wheelhouse apparently. He won't change, nor does he see any value in thoughtful introspection, personal accountability (he genuinely doesn't think he ever has to apologize...or even knows how to, come to think of it), or self-improvement. Rather, he brings out a side of me that I don't want to have. He once inspired me to try to be better so I could be my best for him, and now, with each act of selfishness, he inspires me to be malevolent in my candor to hold a mirror to all that he really is. I may be very good at that... a natural, in fact... but that's not who or how I want to be nor is he a person I want to give my valuable energy to in reviving that side of me. I left behind my past to get away from people who gleefully fostered that cruel gift so I could be a person that I liked that made others feel good. The last thing I want is someone to resuscitate that homegrown talent to entertain their boredom. The more I think about it, the less I want to think of him. The less I do, the less I desire him, and, for once, that finally feels good. I welcome every aspect of his essence to fade into the past to make room for everything that is better, healthier and more joyful. And so it is.

Hate saying I told you so

Because it means I failed at explaining the problem of your situation in a way that you would understand to make the correct change

Many men are single

Because men are bloody exhausted. Its so damn tiring to keep up with all the expectations from every direction. Men are taking a time out. We need rest. Deal with it.

I use food to feel safe.

I overeat and have gained weight to feel safe. I don't really understand why extra weight helps me feel safer, I just know it does. I keep little stockpiles of granola bars and herbal tea in my desk drawer, my bag, my bedroom closet. I just need to know it's there in order to feel a sense of security. Otherwise everything would feel like it's spinning out of control.

Gave up on an old friend

Years ago it became apparent that a friend of mine was getting Alzheimer's. He is an alcoholic and a drunk. I told him I'd keep an eye on him. But then it turned into fact free confidence with a heavy dose of narcississm. He became very, very tRUMP-like, holding firm on "facts" that were made up only seconds prior. It became just way too much to bare and I've ghosted him and will until the end. I just recently saw an article about getting over the inclination to save others. Been there, done that. Never again. My advice? Save yourself, if others start slipping, just let them slip.

There will always be Haters

The secret to haters is knowing that the person they really hate the most is themselves. Never let anyone trample your soul or your inner beauty, never let anyone make you feel less than< Keep on Loving ! Why? Cause haters will always keep on hating looking for fuel for their fire until they learn to love themselves and open their hearts to others without fear of rejection. We are all one in this world:) Spread the word.

Old building noises

Sometimes I wonder if the person who thinks it’s necessary to take a shower every morning at 5:30 am realizes that the entire building has to listen to the din from the pipes. It’s so loud that it actually wakes me up. It’s a really small building so I know it’s not just me that has to listen to it. How dirty does someone have to be to require a shower just because they slept? Couldn’t they just wash pits and groin?

The people

who watch you looking at art in art galleries. Sometimes they come right up and stare at you, or follow you around like they think maybe you’re about to vandalize a masterpiece or try to steal one. I wonder about them and I find them interesting, almost like they’re art too.

It creeps me out when this happens

Every time a comedian gets cancelled, part of me dies inside. I moved away from a country like this when things went to the next level. Younger people here have no clue. I don't know what's happening here.


Costco meet cute

We initially exchanged glances in produce but when you ended up behind me in line, I panicked....

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