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Please don’t do that

I confess that one thing that is guaranteed to get my back up is when people offer unsolicited advice all the time. I know they usually mean well, but if I’m not asking for you to tell me what to do, don’t assume that it’s okay to do it. Sometimes people just want to talk about a situation and they’re not asking you what to do, and they rarely appreciate having someone else tell them how what they did was wrong and how they should have done it. I think it’s patronizing and insulting to others to think that I know better than they do, especially when it’s a subject that involves that person specifically, so I bite my tongue even when I think my opinion is the right one. So kindly, please stop doing that and we’ll get along just fine : ).

What next ?

I find myself in a constant state of anxiety because of the economic, housing and food prices i worry about losing my apartment and my job like most I’m 1 pay check away from losing everything. We have been run into the ground and it only seems to be getting worse not better. How much longer can I keep this up. Thank you Canadian government for running us into the ground. Yours truly a struggle Canadian


Is the year that I stopped giving people what they wanted from me. It feels damn good. You want me to spend hundreds of dollars on your exotic birthday outing, when you never even wish me a single Happy Birthday on mine? You want me to acknowledge you after 6 months of silence? You want to pick fights with me? You want me to book reservations and events for you? Nope nope nope. So glad to not give you what you want. Find another idummy to serve your selfishness.


For me tipping is beyond food, something exceptional not normal service. I pay for the food. That's the transaction. Everyone gets paid for doing a job, if you don't question the choice of employment or the wage. If I tip I'm generous because I see someone genuinely deserves it or is above doing way above what's expected. My generosity shouldn't be taken for granted.

I think…

That I want to sell everything I own and move to the remotest part of Newfoundland. My last escape up the mountain doesn’t seem to be far enough.

I admit it

admit it I still look for you in all the familiar places Louise Rose’s voice and piano keys filling the atmosphere with I’ll Be Seeing You I’ll see the back of someone’s head and it’ll catch my breath the side of your face I panic yet always hope to see and I feel like crying a surge of so many feelings that overtake me I always hope it’s you because before I even knew it’s always been you

Word of wisdom from been there, done that...

If you're not a peace with yourself, all your flaws, all your mistakes, all your ghosts, and all your memories (sweet and bitter), then you'll be at peace, period, and you'll never be able to just... let things flow, or go with the flow. And before you dare love someone else, learn to love yourself. No, this ain't religion or some new age inner hippy talking. It's just someone who's spent the better part of their lives at war with themselves trying to sand down their flaws to the point they're riddled with holes because they sanded to deep. Someone over 10 years back sent me Amy Macdonald's "This is what happiness means to me," told me it reminded her of me, then she up and hucked me like a used condom and never returned. I mustered up the guts to listen to it today, and tears trickled down my eyes like rain... I'm now over her, but I needed to return to the source of the pain before I could move on. And now the flow, flows...

“Open relationships” are for closed minded people

I get tired of all these losers on dating sites that brag about their “open relationships.” Boy, are they ugly. Inside and out. These types are what we call holier than thou thinking they’re better than you. They think they’re better than they really are and if let’s say you’re interested in experimenting, they snub you off and make you feel like you’re not good enough to be part of their silly perverted games. Besides, an “open relationship“ is not a real relationship. You’re basically fucking other people on the side. Incidentally, why would you even marry someone only to sleep with multiple people on the side? Does that make any sense? Just…why? Call me old school, but who in the right mind does that? It’s stupid.

Enjoy your single life

Ok. As a man, I’ve heard quite enough complaints from women about how us guys are looking for nothing but hookups. Now it’s my turn. Don’t generalize all men. I’m tired of some of the girls on these apps, especially Tinder. Whenever I see profiles that indicate they’re looking for “short term fun”, I immediately swipe left. These types of women are not serious. They just want to brag to their friends about how many guys following them on social instead of meeting up in person. I’m tired of the level of selfishness and narcissism among these losers. And don’t give me any of that nones about how you have your “shit” together. Wouldn’t it be better to just say you have your life together or have systems in place? Try speaking more intelligently if you want to win over a quality man. Seriously. Stop talking like a moron and clean up your act.

Coffee cup test

I want to find a good assistant, so I am asking them to make a cup of coffee to see how they do. So far, one man has done the best job because he has worked as a barista in a fancy Italian coffee shop for 5 years. Don't ever underestimate your prior job experience. This guy is in for a big pay raise.


Bar at the Westin Bayshore

You were by yourself at H tasting lounge bar inside the Westin Bayshore hotel. You had the...

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