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Is like the Wizard of Oz. The Geat Oz is behind the curtain pulling all the levers while Dorthy and the gang is on the other side of the curtain watching all the magic thinking it is real. So what is reality?

What is is your word worth these days?

"I have no interest in knowing someone else, not in the way I know you!" You said. Now you are dating: -wearing that cologne I gifted you -sleeping in the sheets we bought together -going for walks with MY dog Fast backwards 6 years ago: broke and shit credit. I stood by you. No, you did not leave then. That joke is on me. If I see you on the walk, I will hold my head high. You see, I don't have to look for my dignity anywhere. At least I afforded me that luxury. Do, change street/direction, if you ever run into me. The world would be better for everyone that way.

Alt-Punk to Prep

I don't know if it is the political mess or growing to age and my maturity levels changing with time. The issue is that I used to dress super alternatively, want to cover myself with tattoos, and I would only date those like me. Now I'm sort of repulsed by punks. I see how juvenile they are. I sort of want to be a well-dressed prep with a few tattoos showing now. I'd gladly date someone without tattoos. Any other ex-punks feel the same way?


I am sending my message out into the Universe that I need an newer RV to have somewhere to live. A place of my own to call home. I hope you will answer.


People that have schizophrenia belong in a mental hospital. Homeless people belong in a shelter. People who are homeless, and mentally ill don’t need free drugs. They need to be away from drugs. Period.

Who you talking to?

Every time I see some strange weirdo talking to themselves out loud and cussing at the air or mumbling to the air, I just walk right away and avoid them at all costs. Just who the fuck are these losers even talking to? Trees and inanimate objects like lamposts are not alive! They do not eat, breathe or grow. Idiots. I’ve had all the schizophrenia I can take.

I have questions

So, so many questions. As I lie awake in my usual anxiety induced insomniac state, my mind feels it’s necessary that I immediately know the answers to random questions that poop into it. Tonight’s burning question is what do nations that have been using the metric system forever call mileage? We went to the metric system in the late 1970’s, and we’re still using a complete hodgepodge of imperial and metric, so we measure distances in metric but we still talk about the mileage for a car. What do the countries who didn’t used to use imperial call that? Do they talk about the kilometreage? I must know immediately.

In retrospect

The world completely changed four years ago when the pandemic hit. Hard to believe it's been four years already since that happened. I work at one of those corporations that are in the list of “BC’s Top 100 Employers.” Working for this type of corporation has been a mixed blessing. So many of us got laid off at the Company (myself included). After over a year, I got recalled back into work. I appreciate my job from the bottom of my heart and fortunate that I didn't completely lose it during Covid. And yet not everyone was as lucky as me. The Managers used Covid as an excuse to get rid of people that they couldn't even fire since they got very selective about offering shifts once the storm blew over. There were existing staff that were ready and able to work, yet they hired people from outside the Company to take shifts. Some of those employees did not deserve to be let go so subtly, but others did. The ones that actually didn’t a good job probably had it coming. Oh well, sucks to be them. Nothing to do about it. I’m just glad I’m not their situation whatsoever.

East Van tenants are organizing

to fight a potentially devastating real estate loophole. Profits over people ! BC is a giant land mass. Why do the PTB continue to crowd us up into crazy expensive human ant hills ?

Boomers had it so easy

Boomers had it so easy We were born in the shadows of the Great Depression and the Second World War, the profound and terrible adversities faced by our fathers and mothers, the hard lessons they never forgot, and never let us forget. We lived before the age of abundance, before the credit revolution that enabled undeferred gratification in all things. We lived through the inquisition of McCarthyism, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam. We lived through the Age of Conformity. We lived through the recession of the 1950s, as deep as the Great Depression, although not nearly as long. We lived through enforced conscription and military service. We lived through Polio Epidemics before the Salk vaccine. We lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis that seemed about to annihilate all human life on earth. We lived through the assassinations of political leaders and civil rights leaders. We lived through the tragedy and the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. We lived through a time when sexual diversity was a criminal offence. We lived through a time when a woman could not get a mortgage. We lived through a time when mortgage interest rates were as high as 20%. And where we were able to, we changed those things, mostly for the better. It didn't seem like it was so easy.



I was biking/you were walking at Richards and Georgia. You looked stunning with your strawberry...

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