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90% women only interested in 10% of guys

Well known fact: 90% of women are only interested in about 10% of men. Basically, this means that nearly all women are chasing a very small number of desirable men, leaving 90% of men out in the cold, battling each other for scraps. Fortunately for me I am in the top 10% and I have women throwing themselves at me all the time. I don't have to do anything, they approach me and beg me to go home with them. They get all giddy and smiley and excited. Nice life being in the top 10%. But I don't take advantage of it as much as I could. I guess I am just a one-woman guy.

I feel like such a sorry assed loser

This morning a gorgeous, young woman told me she'd like to get together. I said yes, of course. But I can't stop thinking about the woman I am madly in love with. She's my age and in need of love, just not mine. Sigh.

Bob Saget

I am sitting in my kitchen, watching the sunrise, having a coffee and toast, while thinking of Bob Saget. I grew up on the original Full House and appreciated the Netflix reboot they did many years later. But what I miss the most about him is when he dubbed voices over footage of cats and dogs acting crazy on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Those were the best times for me and gave me something to look forward every evening.

Falling apart

So there’s this friend I have. We worked together. She’s really sweet and we had fun hanging out a few times, but I honestly don’t see us keeping in touch anymore. We haven’t spoken to her in months. For some strange reason, I don’t feel motivated to keep the friendship going. Nothing bad happened or anything. It’s just feel that I’ve run out of things to say to her. There doesn’t seem to be anything else for us to talk about.

Your boo?

Boo is one of the lamest words I’ve ever heard, especially when people use it to refer to their boyfriends and girlfriends. Didn’t know you were dating a ghost. Aren’t ghosts supposed to be dead or something?

Screw excusing bad behaviour

I'm a nice person, and I like talking with people. I am interested in knowing about them and hearing their opinions. I also take ownership for being responsible if I've ever done something to be offensive, especially when the tone suddenly changes inexplicably because, sometimes, we aren't aware of the power of our words and actions. But sometimes I'm too kind, making excuses for the deliberate rudeness of others. Sometimes, people are just mercurial and, on the right day, reveal their blatant awfulness and poor attitude. I caught myself trying to give such a person the benefit of the doubt, but why should I when they don't deserve it? Forget that. If they feel so empowered to be rude, they can expect that forgiving nature out the window as I call them out on their garbage attitude. No need to make people like these welcome as they pollute my home turf, I'm done giving them a pass when they're supposed to be old enough to know better.

I used to love it

I would always go to pride and celebrate everything. I would dress-up like a maniac. But I don't like the politics at pride anymore! What is happening???? Can we go back to 2015, please?

I now only eat popcorn

That's how I know I am doing good. My popcorn keeps on popping. The popcorn gods must be happy. I can sacrifice popcorn to them to keep them even happier.


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