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The gift of Covid

As someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, I find the quantity of people planning to infect their loved ones over a number on a calendar disturbing.

WFH oops

I pasted a porn link into a chat with my manager by accident. He said that he's "seen worse".

Know it all

Our sister is the world's most annoying person. She always has to be right, which means you always have to be wrong. Whatever you say, she will come back with either "Well, you say that, but..." or "But on the other hand...". If you come prepared with evidence, or quote experts, she'll say she already knew all that, even though up to that point she will have been saying, and doing, the exact opposite. She thinks she knows how to run our lives better than we do (even though we're all functioning adults) and constantly complains about and criticizes us to one another, and her friends, behind our backs. She's 73 - is there any hope whatsoever that we can get her to stop behaving like this at this point? She lives alone, so we don't want to cut her off, but she's driving us crazy.

I’m stuck at

my parents’ place and my father is turning alcoholic and becoming abusive towards me. I have no income right now and nowhere to go, and no one I can ask for help. He was always abusive to me and now it’s starting again and I’m 38!! My Mom invited me here and wants me to stay but she enables him even though he’s abusive to her also. Never thought I’d be in this situation at my age. And now we are h adding into another lockdown. Just brutal.

OCD Selective Hearing

I tend to obsess. Like REALLY obsess. When I know it's getting bad and there's no way it's going to be requited I start tuning out every word the person says. No matter what they mention I will freaking grasp onto that word so I have to actually not hear it. They like a certain author? Oh, well suddenly I'm reading every book they ever wrote. They like a certain type of perfume? Why am I buying women's perfume?? Obviously it's extremely unhealthy and unfortunately being super rude and ignoring them is the only way I can exist semi-normally. Once while I was doing a public presentation my dream person asked me a question and all I could do is stare blankly because I was doing everything I could to not hear anything. Anyway, I survived.

Bored to death

I need something to focus on. My industry isn’t hiring so I haven’t worked since March and I’m bored out of my mind. If I wasn’t so depressed I’d work on my hobbies but everything feels like too much effort.


I often have flashbacks to memories that are unhappy or uncomfortable. If not flashbacks, it’s like spacing out to another place or daydreaming. These moments come on really quickly, last a few seconds, and then I feel subdued after them for some time. Is this normal? I find they are worse after alcohol, so I think I will cut out drinking.


I’m seeing a guy who I’ve known for a long time. Right now I’m ready to throw in the towel because he is so childish and so ridiculously cheap. Seriously, it’s just incredible. He won’t come out and just say how he feels. Instead, he “punishes” me every time I insist on my boundaries being respected (I tell him he can’t use up all the food or I tell him what groceries he needs to buy, etc) by withdrawing and making up some bogus excuses for why he can’t see me. “The gas is too expensive.” “I have an appointment 6 days from now.” Etc. So childish! These things ONLY happen when I’ve told him that he needs to pay his fair share of the expenses I incur because he’s spending so much time at my place. His cheapness knows no bounds. He’s not being “ thrifty”. This is unadulterated cheapskate territory. He literally will do absolutely anything to avoid paying for anything. Sure, he’s debt-free and yay for him. But he’s only managed to do that because he gets everyone else to subsidize him for everything. Including his family and the few friends he still has. Now he’s asking me if I’m sad because he just told me he’s not coming over this weekend. No dude, I’m not sad. I’m DONE.

Cozy hot meal

I went out to a Greek restaurant for the first time in a while since the pandemic. It felt very nice to have a hot meal and glass of Greek Red wine again, especially on cold days like these. Things in my life haven’t been going very well, so having comfort food of some sort took my mind off my troubles.

Cover Model

Ever do some drunken reminiscing about someone (minus the drinking in my case) and you're thinking of all the bad times, doing the whole wut-did-i-ever-even-see-in-them... and then you come across a photo of them and remember how freaking hot they are.


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