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Living Alone in the Woods

One of the reasons I want to live off grid is the air - fresh, naturally scented, very low levels of pollution. That's reason enough, right? But the whole truth is that I want to get away from having to live in the same place as smokers. I don't like smokers. They're inconsiderate and noxious, plainly scum. After years of city living, I've grown an undying hatred of them. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to live within a kilometre of them - fat chance in a city with hundreds of thousands of smokers. Case in point, I open my apartment window in our non-smoking building on the second day clear of wildfire smoke, and not an hour later some sad excuse of a neighbour is smoking a cigarette out the window and their secondhand smoke is wafting in. And you wonder at why I hate smokers so, enough that I'd rather be lonely living in the woods by myself.

Hating on

I hate the term "loving on". Ie. "She was loving on her baby" Ew.


I bought a 280g bag of two bite brownies and ate the whole bag up in one day. This is why I can’t keep sweets in my house lol

Howdy partner

I've been a non-drinker most of my adult life. Lately I have been watching movies about the early settlers of America, the gold rush, the wild west and all that. And now I've started sipping whiskey sometimes after dinner. I did not see this coming, but I think it's a sign that I need to go wild and embrace some form of degeneracy.

Not a fanatic

My most hated domestic chore. Cleaning. I fucking hate cleaning.

Vice sex robots for BJs

I just watched that Vice clip on someone who builds and sells sex robots for oral sex. He said when he was younger, he wasted a ton of time on flirting and trying to build relationships, which was mostly wasted on rejection. I get it... and I kind of think it is understandable why men would want this. It's just a practical tool like a dildo. Nothing wrong with it.

Nasal intrusion

Went and got tested. It didn’t hurt and took 3 seconds, but yeah, that felt... weird.

I confess

I feel like I was supposed to have gone to war. I didn't want to go to war and never had any desire to join the army or buy a gun, ever. I am a pacifist. But still the feeling remains. A street person told me I am the reincarnation of a famous general. Now that is the cushyest job for a person that hates war... No chance of ever getting killed! I'd scream:"Attack Switzerland, take all the cheese but don't hurt anyone!"

If social media were a TV dinner

Would be great if my social media groups did not bleed into the next group. Peas, stay with the peas, and keep away from the steak. People on my LinkedIn hunt me down on other social media, and I don’t really care for that. Stay in your lane, the work lane only.


Lakewood and Dundas

You: The prettiest girl I've ever seen. Short shorts. Burgundy hair. Hourglass bod. Kind of...


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