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Unrequited Love Sex

Does it happen?? Can someone be obsessed with someone long enough or intense enough that the other person is just like "ok, whatever, let's do this"? 'Cause trying to critically examine my life choices I'm pretty sure that's what I'm banking on.


8 almost 9 days since I shaved my face I've never grown anything longer than a 2 week beard Maybe I will shatter that record this winter Maybe I wont *Shrugs*

17 days and no booze

This is not a new years resolution thing (I don't do that). This is a hey I'm too fat and need to lose weight kinda thing. We are not far from boozy summer nights.......weeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I Saw you

Im just baffled at the amount of folks that write to GS's "I saw you" section about "someone" they were literaly "right next too". Can't you just talk to the "person"?. I understand people are afraid of rejection, but why don't you just try... you never know !.

Can’t stop

It’s so hard to stop looking at social media sites of your ex, hopefully I’ll finally stop caring about them.

The healthiest..

... And happiest ive ever been was on the dole after getting kicked out of school. I had no need to associate with any working class idjits. I could go on long hikes when the trails were empty. I think it is time to stop striving after wind. The reason I dont relate well to workers is that im not one of them--im free, and work is serfdom. If im around serfs, I get sick. Anyone else like this?

Garbage in, garbage out

The only positive thing about toxic people is that they teach you never to be like them in any capacity. Sure, they’ll come in to your life at some point and try to take advantage of you, but take it from me. Have a good bullshit meter and be very selective about who you allow into your life. Otherwise these leeches will just suck the life out of you. I dealt with stupid people last year and after being manipulated for so long, I finally put my foot down and set clear boundaries. My life has been so much more peaceful ever since. Once you get rid of all that disgusting phoney baloney, it’s like the trash takes itself out. A clean house is a happy one. Garbage in, garbage out.

Ahh Capri-CORN

Capricorns are a total disaster for me. So is corn. I still crave beautiful fiery women and nacho chips (though not for exactly the same reasons).


I've been falling for a decade. Eventually I'll make one heck of a splat.

Not giving the runaround

I’m different from most people which is why it’s hard for me to relate to some of them. It seems like some people I have met are very superficial, diplomatic and hypocritical. I’m the exact opposite. I do not mince words and I never beat around the bush. I’ve always been very straightforward and prefer to just be upfront, honest and tell it like it is. I find it better to be blunt so that way people are not confused by me. I don’t bullshit people and I myself refuse to put up with stupid bullshit from others. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf, but honestly I’d much rather be a loner then be surrounded by a bunch of two-faced hypocrites who’ll stab me right in the back. There’s absolutely no way in hell that I’ll ever make time for a superficial life. If what I say make no sense to some people, their loss, not mine.


I saw you at Costco in Langley

Passing by the freezer section far right of store. You army green coat, short perfect hair steel...

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