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Teresa Teng...

I love you... Although its been 20 years since you passed away but I am still into and listen to your music. It will be in my heart forever. Your words in the songs as well as your speech has given me some encouragement, peace and hope. Recently, some musical group in Vancouver played an instrumental rendition of one of your famous songs 'The Moon Represents My Heart' which is great... You are truly a powerful musical legend indeed, also an innocent, friendly, gentle and kind lady artist and will be sorely missed by many fans like me. People will remember you for a long long time. As a long time fan, I just want to say Thank you thank you so much for contributing to the music world all the way from Taiwan as well as giving many hope, love, happiness and positive energy to the world..especially during difficult times in which when the world desperately needs more love.. Your music symbolizes peace and prosperity. I promise you I will never give up despite the adversities in life. I shall overcome it. Thank you for being here at that right moment, Teresa Teng. I really appreciate it. With thanks, from one of your dedicated fans

I was a hopeless romantic.

Read too many L.M. Montgomery books I guess. Just simple things like walking in the moonlight would be so lovely. I'm starting to doubt those sorts of experiences will ever happen.


... really like eating eggs. I always thought I didn't like them but then I watch Julia child and a bunch of other chefs cook them and they all seem to do them less than you get them in a restaurant they're sort of they're not runny like they're not liquidy they're just almost like a custard. I started doing them up in a double boiler and my goodness I honestly rarely eat anything and go I could eat that again.

I'm trying my best to quit self-sabatoging

and slow progress has been made. Less but persistent. A new beginning always helps but the past that can't be revisited permeates me with scars. I don't know how to be vulnerable and trust. I'm too used to people being obsessed with me, like stalkers or men who just want to fuck me. They cast me as a "manic pixie dream girl", the television trope that's only serving to aid the protagonist's growth, but it's quite literally all the components of nature and nurture that make up me that has made me unusual, I'm truly milquetoast internally. And I'm also still a person, not a trope. So I'm not used to what's normal, when people take it slow and are open to where it takes them. I wished he was vulnerable with me but I guess I wasn't with him either. It is just unfortunate to collect all these scars, I think someday I might become one big scar by my own hands.


a disabled older family member (not old enough for a nursing home) also with personality disorders. I need to do almost everything for them, with no other family to help. They are so mean to me all the time that I have come to just hate them so much. They don't know it and don't have the capacity to have a sane discussion. If I bring up even a small thing, they just explode. So I go on seething quietly inside which isn't good for my health. I used to have strategies to just roll with it but it has been so many years now that all that's left is hate.

I want to believe

that my luck is going to turn around, that life isn't against me, that there is hope, that life won't always feel this lonely. But when you're working flat out and you're flat broke, eating dollar store rice crackers and applesauce for dinner in an overheated room every night, it's tough.

Our new home's greatest feature

Our new home has a small but completely private backyard. The uninhibited sex any time day or night outside has totally rekindled our marriage.

Growing apart

I have a friend who hasn't had a job in a long while. I try being there for him through his depression but it seems like there's a lotta other issues he's not wanting to address. Lots of people I love live with depression, out of all of them he's the first to get up to the things he does. It's not a competition, I'm confused is all! I feel like a terrible friend for saying it but I'm reaching my limit with him. Hell if it doesn't bother me that I work tirelessly to fund his online bigotted misogyny. I have women friends and family I love that grew closer after the Pandemic with. I wanna be there for them in meaningful ways, then I've gotta hear and support his constant tirades, I'm wiped out! There's tons of help and resources I show him but he never wants to try any of it that will help him. He's confined to his computer and phone all day writing toxic garbage. Does anyone have any suggestions?!? I feel like a bad friend but it's wearing me down and poisoning my other relationships and dating options. I don't know how much more of it I can take. Thanks for listening.


I’m on my break at work right now and enjoying my peace and quiet in the outdoor open space. Feels very soothing and relaxing to meditate. I don’t socialize with any co workers. Not out of disrespect. I just find that I concentrate better when I’m alone. Being alone allows me to straighten out my thoughts and stay focused.


Cycle daddy on the 99

I had to get my bike out so you could remove yours when you got out at Main. I didn't think...


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