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I have a confession

You walked by with your shirt off one day and I cant get that image out of my mind. Sexy Chest Man Mmmmmm So im going to imagine you with a horses head to forget you. Cause you seem like a grumpy pants. Giddy up.

How Do I Breakup ..

With my Dentist? I have a dentist that I'm sure has ruined my teeth over the years. Now I'm at the point where I'm loosing teeth, and I'm sure it's their shoddy work as my care is the same but, now I have tons of problems. So, have you broke up with your dentist, how do it do it? How do I get my "file"? Do I have any recourse?

Some people

Someone drove at me in the crosswalk, rolled his window down, screamed at me. My crime was hobbling while talking on the phone. I have a bad back injury and was organizing care with my spouse. I happened to be doing it in public. He looked middle-aged, in a suit, nice car. Probably has a job where he's using his brain. Doesn't realize talking while walking isn't a crime, and talking doesn't make you walk slower. My confession is I put a pox on this motherfucker's head. Enjoy your future back injury, you complete and total piece of shit.


On Facebook I commented on a woman's picture of her dog and my girlfriend started accusing me of cheating on her. This woman lives on the other side of the county and I like dogs. Then she started screaming at me and throwing clothes at me. I had a rough Thursday and this relationship is over.


One good thing about masks is that you really appreciate people’s eyes. I swear some of you folks have really beautiful eyes.

Spending woes

I just spent over 2K on things I need. As a simple man... this hurts lol


I'm married to a woman far more attractive to me who loves me and is honest with me, and I spend my time secretly fantasizing about one that (in my opinion) is less attractive and treated me like crap.

Spidey Sense

Bad things are a happening. I live in a building near a bunch of other apartment buildings. The number of people I see moving out this month has skyrocketed. I hope it just a coincidence, but I worry this might the start of a new wave of homelessness and poverty.

Teenage Wasteland

I’m in love with a 41 year old man who treats life like a giant high school. Not in a good way. There was nothing good about high school. I must be in the special class.

All this love and no one to give it to

Other than dating in Jan/Feb and then a very little bit in the summer, I’ve been single this whole year. I hate not knowing how long it will be until I can actually start dating (safely) for real again. I’ve been single for almost all of my 20s so it’s not that I’m the type that needs to be in a relationship. I’ve just found myself pretty lonely these days. I know I’m a good girlfriend and I really put my all in being supportive and loving. I’ve never been able to find someone that cares about me in return but I’m really looking forward to the day I do.


Flying Beaver Server (Beaver 95 shirt)

You were my server that night. You are absolutely stunning. Brunette, beautiful eyes, would love...


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