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What I enjoyed the most...

About our one night together, wasn't the fooling around, although that was pretty hot, it was the cuddling and falling asleep and waking up next to someone. It's too bad we didn't get the chance to do that again.

Found Poem

I found this poem in a book I'm reading. They say mine is a ravaged land, Scarred and broken by hate On a path to self- extermination. Yet no other place. So resembles my dream of heaven. The lotus fields that cradle my home Each flower a recarnated spirit Or perhaps, like me, A child who wishes to be reborn Should dreams become possible again. Its true mine is a life of poverty My home a half- built thatched hut Its walls the wind and rains. Amazing Poem :)

Someone please tell me

If I’m expecting too much if a “good friend” I haven’t seen for 10 years doesn’t offer to buy me a single drink or cover dinner... when I let them stay 3 nights at my place for free while they visit? This happened to my boyfriend and he doesn’t seem to be angered about it. I feel mortified that his friend showed no courtesy imo. Sometimes I forget how selfish this world is. Are people really that cheap? I appreciate my friends that much more when I see shit like this.


I just really need a hug.

I have a superpower

I turn everyone I’m close to into raging Narcissistic beasts. Pretty neat, eh?

It’s over

People complain to me about how friends are not returning any of their phone calls. I just tell them that maybe those people have so much going on for them and do not have time to chat or hang out anymore. I also tell them that maybe it’s time for them to rethink their own lives and go make new friends. Sure they may have lost a friend and somebody, but one thing has happened for sure. The world did not come to an end.

I definitely learned my lesson

Do not offer unsolicited advice under any circumstance. Want to correct the stranger in the gym from hurting themselves with bad form, want to offer financial wisdom, want to give relationship tips? Do yourself a favour, shut up and keep it to yourself cuz more often than not the person receiving the advice, no matter how heartfelt or generous, will perceive it as an unwanted intrusion.

Just Another Entitled Gen Z Vancouververite

The morning of Boxing Day (ie right after xmas) I was walking my dog and I found someone one's ID, Bank Card etc on the ground. I looked them up on facebook and sent a message saying I had it. I was concerned that they would probably need these vital things over the holidays and didn't want to just throw it in the mailbox like people have done for me in the past. I looked the girl's info up on FB and went to her work, hoping to find her. She wasn't there but her roommate happened to be working and said she no longer lived at that address. I was happy that it would find its way back to her. Thing is, she already had a way to contact me and never said "Thank-You". I wasn't looking for a medal but I took time out of my holidays to do something nice for someone and they treated it like it's just expected. Next time, Fuck 'Em.


I saw a 1965 Ice cream truck for sale online.....I would just have to wear a clownsuit while driving it.


Richmond Dyke

I was on my Ebike riding in the snow on the Dyke in Richmond Thursday afternoon you were...

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