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There's one bottle I haven't touched in 18 years and that's Old No. 7

I can’t handle the alternative

I confess that I’m staying in a relationship that I know isn’t good for me, because I can’t cope with the isolation I get otherwise. I know it’s going nowhere and I know that I “should” leave, but right now I’m just not strong enough to handle one more heartbreak. It’s not all terrible and I’m not being physically or mentally abused, I’m just being used. So I’m doing a Bill Withers and I’m using them right back.

Mental illness devastation

I’ve had a lot of heartbreak in my life, but the worst I’ve ever experienced is because of a loved one with a severe mental illness. Unless you’ve been on the receiving end of the type of unhinged behaviour directed at you because of that person’s disease, you just have no idea. The level of abuse can be overwhelming. When they’re an adult who also has the capacity to convince others that they’re okay (when they’re very obviously not), you’re left with no choice other than to completely withdraw from their life just to protect yourself. I’ve never felt so helpless. It’s the worst pain that I’ve ever felt and I’m going through my own crises at the same time. How can you help someone who doesn’t think they need it? How do you keep your own sanity when someone that you love with all of your heart and would never do anything to knowingly hurt, tells you that they wish you were dead and sends you terrible and disgusting messages? I’m feeling very close to the edge myself over this, and I really just don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Disgusting Habit

When my wife drives our kids to school in the morning I turn on the laptop and look at pornography for 30 minutes right before I start my work day as I work from home. I love my wife and we have a great sex life its just she doesn't approve or pornography as she feels it is demeaning to women and since I have two daughters I should be disgusted by it. I just feel so ashamed of my disgusting habit.


I had my fortune read. I was a dragon leashed in deep water between two mountains. One mountain was actually a volcano, but you couldn't tell was a secret volcano, or something like that. Eh, that's about all I remember. I actually just wanted to make out with the fortune teller.

Current regulations' impact on working class

Those, the majority of us, who live paycheck-to-paycheck are getting a raw deal. I live alone and it is very challenging on my mental health. Now i'm not allowed to go see my social contacts, but I am expected to go to work and interact with the public and coworkers doing non-essential services all to keep my bosses paycheck coming? At the risk of my physical health: catching covid?! Fuck this world. Fuck the government. I'm going to go crazy and self destruct from being alone or get covid from having to go to work. I feel so disposable.

Bad Vibes

I found out that my significant other has been telling lies about me to people we both know. I wondered why I was getting weird looks. It’s interesting how most people still haven’t learned that there are two sides to a story and that you shouldn’t believe someone until you get the full story because there are a lot of manipulative people out there. Needless to say, this drama addict is getting dumped.

For fuck's sake

I'm tired of hearing about the US and their Hollywood style politics. Enough already! I only care to catch up on what's going on in my own community.

Held hostage by my future

Judging by the confessions I read here, my life is far from bad. I am still employed, healthy, reasonably financially comfortable. But I don't find my career rewarding anymore and I feel my life is on hold waiting for when I can stop working. Everything I earn is going into savings for my retirement. Can I hold out until I have a secure future? Will I still be young enough to enjoy my retirement? Will the world be there for me to enjoy? Why am I wasting good days now for an uncertain future?

The gift of Covid

As someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, I find the quantity of people planning to infect their loved ones over a number on a calendar disturbing.


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On the sea wall, I jokingly mentioned that you probably had an 8 pack because you were crushing...


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