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Dating Today

So I messaged this really cute guy on a dating website and he didn't even reply. He was tall, good looking, and loves hiking. So this guy doesn't even message me back and on the messaged tab it says he read it but didn't even reply. Online dating is awful because the guys that message you aren't worth your time and the ones you message are jerks.

Glad to get old enough to have problems

A bunch of people I know have died too young in the past few years.Some people think they should be healthy forever but I have always said I am glad to get old enough to have problems. The alternative sucks! I am embracing my aging and all the “bad” stuff that goes on (vision, hearing, knee replacement, libido changes, hair loss…and the list goes on!).

Don’t be a line up A-HOLE

So sick of people who are further back in line and when a new til opens, these entitled, narcissistic a-holes gladly accept the opportunity to butt in front of all the people who have been waiting in line for far longer than them. This happens all the time and also when it comes to taking the bus. C’mon, people. Are we all eight years old now?

Slowing Down

I’ve been diagnosed with early onset dementia. I’m in my early 30s. I used to be so worried about certain milestones but now..I’m just…I don’t know. It feels surreal. It’s crazy how my priorities shifted. I’m just focused on doing the things I want to be doing. And finally making progress on things I kept putting off for years. I was always searching for my life’s purpose, so this is such a weird reality check. The impermanence of life. I have only told a couple of close friends and one of them is having a hard time understanding. Which is weird because I start to reassure her, meanwhile I don’t even know how to comes to terms with it myself. Hug your loves ones tighter.

Your Daughter

Is a lyric stealing wannabe. Two faced racist douchebag.

For the women..

That feeling when you wake in the morning and you’re afraid to get up because you no longer feel ‘protected’ and you’re afraid to see the ‘damage’. : ( #thattimeofmonth. }#%*^#

I can’t stand it

when men ask me if I’d like to ‘squirt’ during sex, as if somehow they think they know my body better than I do and are just so amazing they’ll make me do it. Then this type of guy usually gets annoyed or upset if it doesn’t happen. Newsflash: every woman’s body is different and not all of us are ‘squirters.’ The fact that they need a woman to do this to feel good about themselves shows they’ve been watching too much porn!


It is very sad indeed no person should be home less. Every person should have a safe place to live in this world. I swear if a lost puppy was running around in the streets, I bet 4 s.p.a trucks would be showing up saving that puppy, nursing it back to health and then finding it a forever home . How come no one does that for the homeless people ? The s.p.a would probably step over a homeless person lieing in the streets to save a lost puppy. We live in one messed up world I tell ya ! Why is no one doing anything about the crazy rent prices in B.C. ? Why is there homeless people? Why does the government not care? Why is there so much greed in the world ? Why does no one help each other anymore ? We are all human no matter race, religion, color, gender, preferances all the same ! People !! Where is all the love gone ? Damn it makes me sad ! Why does no one care ? I just don't get it !

What was she thinking?

A friend of mine left her handsome and funny ex for an old ugly ginger who she’s now having a baby with less than a year later. I can’t ask her why, but I’m just so confused. I guess love doesn’t choose who you fall for? He’s just so gross.


Tall n Bald at Poirier Gym

Somebody tell me you’re single! You’re a tall, strong fellow, a regular at Poirier around 9am....

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