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Garbage in, garbage out

The only positive thing about toxic people is that they teach you never to be like them in any capacity. Sure, they’ll come in to your life at some point and try to take advantage of you, but take it from me. Have a good bullshit meter and be very selective about who you allow into your life. Otherwise these leeches will just suck the life out of you. I dealt with stupid people last year and after being manipulated for so long, I finally put my foot down and set clear boundaries. My life has been so much more peaceful ever since. Once you get rid of all that disgusting phoney baloney, it’s like the trash takes itself out. A clean house is a happy one. Garbage in, garbage out.

Oppenheimer Park

A lot of people complain about the homeless tent camp & the DTES, well, if it affects you & your life, then do something about it, just don't sit at home in front of your tv or laptop & complain about it or get something about it besides posting online about it

Ahh Capri-CORN

Capricorns are a total disaster for me. So is corn. I still crave beautiful fiery women and nacho chips (though not for exactly the same reasons).

I hope weird shit happens

Like when the royals move to Vancouver, they get fat or something. Lots of acne. Their taxes are complicated due to being royalty and can't find an accountant, etc. Chances are they will use their money and get out of these situations though. Money, money, money! They're rich and can do whatever they want.


Came back from a walk this morning. I cant do this anymore. Its too late.

Wake up and smell the coffee

So you don’t think you could ever move on? Well life does go on but if you want to stay stuck in the past, it’s your call. Reality check. I don’t think we were ever really that close. Let’s face it. We both have nothing in common anymore. The only common ground we have was the fact that we worked at the same building together so let’s leave it at that. Best.


Some people are like crows they see some prey. Maybe with a broken wing, down , hurting a bit and they all swoop in to try and grab a piece of the carcass. Sick cycle of life going on here ! Wing is not broken anymore. Try now carcass suckers ! See what happens. Different ending, I promise.


I've been falling for a decade. Eventually I'll make one heck of a splat.

No manners

WTF is going on? Does anyone remember please, thank you and especially excuse me?

When I was a kid

I stole some bubble gum from Shoppers. I still feel bad about it today. Not for the corporation, but the sheer awkwardness for my parents and clerk who may have noticed (although I lied and said I got the gum from a friend on the playground). I hope this is PC enough for the confessions. Left wing, right wing, chicken wing.


Bald head, nice smile, international...

Me: black hoodie, coral scarf looking for my friend after we saw a movie ...

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