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This is weird

I feel guilty for watching the programs we recorded to watch together. I know it’s irrational because it’s my tv and they’re not coming back, but every time I watch one I get sad.

Maybe it's time for durable fashion?

I can't stand the wasteful disposable clothing that costs nothing and disintegrates after washing it once. I'd rather buy less clothes and have it last longer than take part in fast-food-esque fashion.

In love with a friend

This person is really sweet, kind and nice. I want to have her in my life more but I don't think she feels the same way. Right now it is not a possibility too.

Most people

Almost every single couple I know is on the edge of breaking up. If they are a really happy couple it’s only for the kids or Reno’s and yearly vacation. I can’t stand by and pretend I don’t know what’s going on and when they ask for my advice I tell it as I see it, break up or make love with your partner before some else does! Seek counselling and stop the act.


I cried today Just out of the blue I realized Its me !! I'm mad at myself For being so stupid And weak. Changes

Roommates - common areas

Seems like all my stuff is always destroyed... even with neighbours our blue bin never comes back and it mysteriously appears with those douche bags the next week. Fucken terds. I want my own place finally.

I feel dumb

I confess that I feel like an idiot because I keep being sad about the possibility that I hurt the one I love. I hate to think of him being hurt. The reason I feel dumb though, is because I know that he didn’t care when he hurt me. Maybe he wasn’t hurt or sad about losing me; I don’t know, but I just can’t seem to stop worrying about him and his feelings.

Great day, finally

Had such a great day today, feeling good. Wish I could hold this feeling forever.

Mainstream news media

Yes I watch (& read it) it no it's not perfect but I think you get a general idea of what's happening more than the "alternative" media you find on the left & right who only want you to feel sorry for who they support & want you to think what they want you to think & agree with, that's why I watch City news & CBC & CTV, not Democracy Now or The Raw Story or Daily Kos or Truthout or OpEdNews or World Socialist Web Site (all on the left) or Breitbart News or Blaze Media or Free Republic or Rebel News or Infowars or American Thinker on right....both sides...both delusional


propaganda caffeine fix

I was working away in the corner of Propaganda in Chinatown (headphones, macbook, a wheelies...

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