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I don’t know if I’m different, or if this happens to other people, but I find that with me, it takes someone REALLY special to sweep me enough off my feet, sufficiently so that I’d want to give up my freedom (which I quite enjoy), not because it gives me the liberty to sleep around, or date multiple people – which I do not do, but rather because I enjoy being on my own, making my own decisions, and generally being independent without having to consultant my plans with others. In my entire life, I’ve only met 3 people whom I liked enough to actually want to be committed to them in a relationship. None of them worked out in the end, but the last one was special. It ended as inexplicably as it began, as it appears we had very little in common other than an unimaginable physical and sexual attraction towards each other. Although it took me several years to get over this person, I think this was the closest I’ve ever come to loving someone. Simply knowing that I was going to see them that day, would make me feel butterflies in my stomach, and just being around them would turn me into an insecure little schoolboy (which I am not). We were definitely not meant to be with each other, as I would come to realize years later, but the excitement, attraction, fireworks and chemistry I felt within have been impossible to reignite by other interesting and attractive people I have met. Some years have passed since our ordeal ended, and I’m still wondering if I’m ever going to feel like that about anyone else, and If I’m ever going to find someone that makes me feel that or perhaps more.

My spanking urge

I am an early 60’s male, long time happily married. I have had a spanking urge since my teens. There is no way in the world I would ever approach this at home! I would love a mature woman to strap my bare bum until it’s red. I used to misbehave on purpose when I was a teenager , because I’m my day bad behaviour got you the strap. How do I find someone who will satisfy my urge?

Contently passive

My late mother taught me never to discuss politics or religion in public/with strangers. However, she also encouraged me to form my own stance on things. That is all fine and dandy, but... over time, as I age, I am becoming less and less vocal, and less opinionated in the same breath. I would rather focus on the positive in life (because life is so damn short) rather than finding things to bitch about (aka. actively fight for/against). I suppose I am - at least partially - sick of rubbing people the wrong way or being shunned whenever I tell them what I truly think. I do not write it out either. I do not express anything beyond the weather, pretty much. Keeping my trap shut and playing the hear, see, speak no evil game, while in many ways seems too passive aggressive for some, works fine for me. For those who think I am a wimp in doing so, speak for yourselves.

Lessons and confessions

If someone gives you a glimpse of their ugly side early in a relationship, be warned. It is a test. The worst is yet to come. I learnt this the hard way.

I just wrote a few poems about Milton Acorn

I have a confession to make. I just read the autobiography of the poet Milton Acorn and ended up writing a few little poems about him. As you fine readers may already know, Milton Acorn was one of the original founders of the Georgia Straight newspaper. Sadly, this fine newspaper does not publish poetry anymore. Milton Acorn was one odd duck.


I got a new job. And I’ve learned that while the job is ok, I don’t like my boss. Disorganized, rambling, uninspiring new boss. I’m too old to be led by someone like that. Maybe if I were younger, I’d put up with it. But I need a powerhouse to work for, not one that has daily excuses.

Finding a job

I took time off to have a kid and go back to school, now I'm trying to find a job and everyone is asking why I have no employment for a few years umm.. I was taking care of a kid and doing pt school so it took me like 5-6 years to do my BA... I'm trying to find a job for the past 6 months with no luck... I don't understand, I have great experience, great references, great GPA, but I just can't get hired. One company lead me on for two months, made it seem like I was going to get hired interviewed me 5 times just to go with someone else another company didn't want to proceed with an interview cuz I accidentally failed a typing test (my cat jumped on the keyboard, and I had one attempt to pass). I'm a good employee! Im smart and I work hard! Please hire me... please give me a chance...


It's been a while since I've been on a date. As the pandemic hit I was beaming with self confidence and my social skills were solid for the dating and organic conversation. I have a date with someone I crushed on for a while but have not been on a normal date since pre pandemic. I'm nervous like I was as an insecure teen. With so many shutdowns of businesses and things I would normally get my nerves out with(bars, swimming, matinees, etc) I feel like I am psyching myself out.

Sex with a dog

My girlfriend told me that when she was a teenager, she had full on sex with the family dog, and that she liked it a lot. I was excited by her story. Is that wrong?


Cute Guy at Vaccination Clinic

We were standing in line waiting to get our boosters and we talked about the book I was reading, ...


Savage Love: Confusion over desire for spanking can be fixed with a proclamation of bisexuality...with limits

According to Dan Savage, it's better to give in to spanking than worry about your curiosity.

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