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The price of self respect

Sometimes it comes down to a decision between having self respect or staying with someone you love. Anyone who’s ever had to make that choice knows how heartbreaking it can be. Just because we decide in favour of self respect doesn’t mean that we don’t suffer the grief of missing someone and the loss of our dreams for the future. For anyone who knows someone who has recently had to make such a difficult decision, please remember that telling them to just move on and get over it immediately isn’t remotely helpful. Don’t assume that they’re not hurting just because it was their decision to end things. The price of self respect can be very, very high.

It doesn't seem like

I can vote liberal anymore. All the values of freedom of choice are now being replaced with social coercion and exclusion. Too much like communism.


new Gillette commercial it just a mess


Anyone else feel lost? It's okay to confess it. I'm fine, but have been celibate for 15-20 years...can't even remember. A series of tragedies in earlier life snared me -- in so many ways that I've become 'complicated'. I'm sunny, optimistic, and healthy, but don't know how to meet people anymore of any kind. Even when I'm around people -- and I'm around people a lot -- it's seems like my isolation has sealed me into a fate of forever being lonely and alone. How does one get out of it? Please pray for me <3

Social Media

Sometimes I'll randomly think of a person or wonder how they're doing or think oh yeah they posted a good article, and I'll go back and they've removed me, which is fine if I haven't seen them in a while makes sense, but these are people who I'd still most likely see around or run into. And people should manage their FB how they like, but I would secretly just want to add them back just to be super awkward on purpose, like a bit of a sh*t disturber, but I won't because I'm a mature adult :/, but if they don't ever want you back on their fb why not just block? Go the extra step or unfollow. Anyway, I hope other people do this to be funny on my behalf.

Mean Tweet

I'd rather drink rat soup than date someone that smokes or does drugs.

Vegan Pizza

Tried a slice today. Like cardboard smeared with dog vomit.

White on top

I wouldn't mind that much if my hair was going grey...but it's going white, completely white. It looks like I have aged 10 years in a year. I mean, I have heard some people like the silver fox look, but what about a white fox? Is that a thing?

E signature

My boss told me to fax things to a client I had not dealt with before (and is quite elderly). I decided to do up a cover letter since there were a couple of pages coming and instructions for each section. The letter was a brief hello, instructions, thank you if you need help let me know. I thought instead of signing my name (as the client has no idea who I am since they don't use email), I would put my boss's e-signature on the letter to make it look more professional. I could have used my own and done the "pp" thing, but thought it might be odd on a fax. I didn't ask permission to do a cover letter or use the e signature. Unfortunately when we got the documents faxed back it came with the fax cover I had sent so my boss could see I used her signature. Now I'm worried I might get in trouble over it. I would never use the signature on a legal document or anything of importance without permission, and a fax cover letter is nothing. It's so hard to tell what will irritate my boss or not. It seemed harmless at the time, but now...


Outdoor pursuits class - Cypress - we...

You were coming down the hill with your class. Your teacher couldn't find your group and...

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