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No Compassion

I ride the 95 B-line to and from work. It goes through the downtown east side where you see people hussling and struggling. I hate hearing young men yelling out loud to each other and pointing: "Look at them all" "Damn imagine just getting dropped off here" "no man no thanks" "Look there's so many of them" Yes you're privileged (congratulations) but have a little compassion for other human beings. Be a better human!


I don't trust the HR at my new job. It's hard to say why, but I just get the very distinct impression that even if I had been with the company for a decade, she would NEVER be on my side (or anyone's), under ANY circumstances - not even if, god forbid, I had to take sick leave. It's irksome.

One baffled bus driver

Confused every Spring at the sight of young women that feel compelled to place their bare feet on the dash. I can't help but wonder what they'd experience should that air bag suddenly inflate.


I confess. I’m addicted to sex. Haven’t had sex in nearly a month and it’s killing me! I’m so horny that I seriously don’t know how to keep these urges under control. It’s been my train of thought lately and jerking off is no fun either.

I'm a 40 year old man

And I still like to make blanket forts...aaahhh watch out for the lava, jump on this pillow.

What if

I am 34. Many people my age have kids, mortgages, car payments, etc. Sometimes I think about if I would want to have a family. But I don't think very long about it, because even if I did want one I don't think I could afford it. So when the question comes up about settling down and having kids, I sort of see it as irrelevant. I'm just trying to make sure I have the rent, one month at a time.


I have $54,000 in student loan debt and $8000 in credit card debt and I am suffocated under this debt. I can only make the basic payments and whats left over isn't enough. My job just doesn't pay enough. I am scared to tell my boyfriend because its so embarrassing.

Who thought this would be my cure?

I confess I've had a fairly serious drinking problem most of my life. I've had stretches of sobriety here and there but it's been a very rocky road with multiple arrests, lost jobs and ruined personal relationships. I took early retirement a few months ago and have not had a drink since. I haven't wanted a drink since. This caught me by surprise because I thought the increase in idle time might escalate my cravings but it's been the opposite. I'm feeling at peace and content and have no desire to "escape" into a bottle at all. I am so grateful I can hardly describe the joy in my life now.


Retro Black Truck on Cambie March 22nd Eve

We were both driving up Cambie around 8:30pm Friday and locked eyes twice before turning seperate...

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