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My secret for a long time

I am a mature man in his early 60's. I love to be spanked! Bare ass with a strap or a belt. No one close to me knows this, and it is a bit frustrating. Once a month I go to a professional spanker to satisfy my special needs. She pulls my pants and underwear down to my ankles and straps my bare ass until its beet red. The spanking has the desired effect on me, if you know what I mean! I wish it could not be so secret, but that's the way of it!!


I feel terrible about this and I wish it wasn’t something I focus on so much but I can’t help it. I can’t stand the look of fat on the human body. Obviously skin and bones isn’t the best look but I actually like the way that looks compared to any amount of fat. Any lumpy fat or muffin top just looks awful to me. Anytime I see a “curvy” woman on tv or the internet the first thing I think is, ok lose 40lbs and you’d look great. In my mind curvy just means fat and I’m just as critical with my own body and it makes my life hell. I wish I could stop. It just goes to show how conditioned we are by commercials and magazines. I grew up in the 90’s when heroin chic was in fashion and it really messed up my perception of beauty.

Why me?

Why is it that no matter which condo I live in, I’m dealing with some neighbour who either is a smoking fiend, does renovations for years on end, or suffers from Tourette’s and screams random obscenities in the middle of the night? I’m a nice quiet person and I do my best to be a considerate neighbour, but for some reason I’m cursed!

I confess

That I miss and hate the airlines. 25 years as a pilot and I love to fly but hate the evils of this racket. Everyday was a lie. An industry that infers safety but does exactly the opposite. Either you toe the company line or face prosecution. I confess I miss the money. BUT not the lies. I am stronger not to have succumbed to the industry.

Quitting smoking and eating everything

I was the guy who went through an entire bottle of hot sauce on No Frills garlic bread. Believe it or not, I am somehow getting buff. I measured my waist and it is still 33.5" but I sweat I put on a ton of weight and muscle from simply running, push-ups, and climbing. It has only been 3 weeks.... I'm crossing my fingers for more magic. On the flip-side, I literally cannot stop eating until I feel so full. It's like high school puberty levels. I had better keep on running though.... or else I'm doomed.

Love to be dominated

I am a guy and I love to be dominated in bed by a woman. It’s always been a thing. I have no idea why but even when I was 19, I wanted to be tied up in a chair and gagged ... well, and you know the rest. It’s hard to meet women who like it just as much though. I don’t know why guys can be wired this way. But I would not give it up for the world.

Wear and Tear

It's too bad, but what was most important to me 10 years ago... got kinda dated.


I saw someone from the past the other day who tried really hard to destroy me. They saw me too and cut and ran into some bushes in a nearby alley. Well well well. It just goes to show you can't hide forever from the damage you try to inflict into other people's lives. You can pretend to be a good person all you want but eventually reality catches up and no one is fooled, even your conscience. I can't be too mad at them about what they did. After-all their actions helped me to never again doubt myself or my intuition. Life is pretty sweet sometimes :)

New Animal Obsession

I love Huckleberry the beaver! I wish I could fly to Montana just to pet him.


propaganda caffeine fix

I was working away in the corner of Propaganda in Chinatown (headphones, macbook, a wheelies...

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