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Actually, I kinda like it

When a troll makes a confession, I actually burst out laughing on the sky train and looking a bit like an idiot. Sometimes it is very interesting to see their creativity. :)

The other shoe

I'm a straight male in a mostly female work environment. I've always been in this industry so I do find it weird that guys in others can't keep their hands to themselves or see the office as something more than a place to pick up (We have the internet!!) However in my time I've witnessed some women doing some things that would be very questionable if it was a man saying it. Here are a few examples. Coworkers call me "Love" or "Honey" Coworkers hug hello and assume I'm ok with it. All the girls get together after work and don't invite me because they "Didn't think I'd be interested" Me having to deal with an upset customer because "I'm the guy" Coworkers speaking loudly about their date and his "Package" These are a few examples and non of them are lies. Men and Women are equal, in more ways than we think.

I’m looking

To undergo vasectomy this summer to protect myself

No regrets.

You and I have never dated, but for months we took advantage of being at each other's fingertips each time we craved each other. I miss it, how you wanted me because I still want you. Do I regret sleeping with you the first time we hung out? I know in my heart, I don't. However, lately when I think back on it, I can't help but think, if I didn't, I would at least have some kind of place in your heart today.

It's sad..

That's there's such evil people out there who will hate you simply for who you are, without even knowing you as a person.

There goes $5

Two appliance bulbs from Walmart burn out in 3 weeks. What the heck is going on here. I'm switching brands.

I know it’s been confessed

a million times but working out really does improve mental health in addition of course to physical health. I was diagnosed bipolar type 2 about 10 years ago. I get more benefit from the gym than counselling. The meds help level me off but hitting the gym is the best med I’ve ever taken. Meds + gym + sobriety = content. Awesome!

Big joke

I don’t take Trump seriously anymore. He doesn’t care about real issues like gun violence because the only threat to him is Alec Baldwin in a wig.


Outdoor pursuits class - Cypress - we...

You were coming down the hill with your class. Your teacher couldn't find your group and...

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