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fake cause for self servers

All and I mean all me too, womens cause and like lead flag wavers seem to have hidden self serving agenda e.g. media attention, financial. It is all a human issue and not gender issue. Treating humans w dignity and respect. Down with all opportunist8c flag wavers.

So there’s this guy...

who lives in my apartment. He is so handsome. He reminds me of Mike from the show Suits, actor Patrick J Adams. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I’d make a move on him.

Nothing to see here

I keep going on my iPhone, thinking I’m going to discover something interesting online. I go to multiple news sites and website and find it’s just the same. The only remotely interesting thing lately are people posting their creative work. Who would ever guess that the abundance of internet content out there would be so low and so boring?


So I was in line at Save On and this smoking hot babe was in front of me with a ridiculous body. So she gives her phone number to the cashier for her points card. I memorized the number. Would it be creepy if I texted her and asked her out? I just got out of a long term relationship and I am having a huge problem getting back out there.


is my all time favorite.

can't argue with crazy

. . . unless they discover the courts. then even getting a judge to confirm you don't have to argue with them costs you money and time.

Stop Blaming Us

If I hear one more guy complain about our high standards I am going to scream. How about going to the gym so we'll be attracted to you or going to school to get a good job. We're absolutely killing it in school and at the office and you need to keep up. Can't remember the last time a guy discussed something that wasn't sports or movies with me. Instead of blaming others for your problems guys should look inwards and then you can get a date with an actual woman.

Dude. Airplanes

They should allow smoking in them just for the political purpose of offending little sensitive liberal twats.

I want

To Leave but I have no where to go..

It's That Insane So You Obsess Unendingly

Just on haughtiness alone narcissists never apologize. I, lost other various engagements dammit! You obnoxious usurper! This honestly is sad. Insidiously stupid. Logic eventually overcomes narcissistic and romanticized delusions. This heartless inflicted subterfuge, I saw, the horrible endeavor, before everything sowed together. I, can't accept narcissistic, dangerous obsessions. Nobody owes whoever, infatuations. Holding on penalizes everyone. Your otherwise underhanded, accusations remain empty. So much arrogance repels trust. Ever notice others understand good humility? To obsess, so ever endlessly, the hopelessness is subjugating. I'm, merely inexplicably so sorry, whether how obsessive. You're over upset. Who eluded romantic endings? Talk or, move elsewhere. I, wish others understood love delusions. Such turmoil in loving love. My anxiety really remembers you. You obtusely underestimated.


The Beaming Brazilian

It was the most perfectly timed accident. You had a beautiful smile. We started to chat and you...

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