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Hey dog people

Listen up. Know when yer walkin' precious and you toss his business in the bin? If say said bin is overflowing! with waste do you think you might do the responsible thing and TAKE IT HOME AND FLUSH IT


The lady at st Paul's wanting to use the washroom but they didn't let you until you said you were going to pee on the spot. That broke my heart cause, I know it's a pandemic but we should have plans like porter potties if there are no public washrooms. No one should be in tears over wanting to use a washroom. That is all have some compassion we are still humans. Thanks


2019 was one of the most fucked up years of my life. Horrible horrible year. I kept saying "2020 is gonna be a much better year." Perhaps I spoke too soon.


So I was riding my bike along 10th Ave the other day. I noticed a sign in an upper window that read “I miss human touch”. I assume it meant due to the virus. I’m fifty seven and haven’t had any human touch since my late forties. What an empty lonely feeling realizing COVID 19 is going to make it even more difficult to meet someone.

I think for the most part

BC people have abided by the social distancing rules and the relatively low numbers of coronavirus infections in our province are a testament to this. So I read today that city council is considering allowing drinking at parks and beaches. OK, so let's take thousands of folks who have been cooped up for the past several months, bring on the nice, warmer summer weather and suddenly allow outdoors drinking in public places. Right, nothing can possibly go wrong with this idea. <sigh>

I don't know why it upset me so much

My husband and I live in one bedroom. Aside from the actual bedroom everything else is open floor plan. Today, his work asked that he have his video camera ON for Zoom calls to help "keep a sense of community" so he asked that I essentially go hide in the bedroom for an hour. He doesn't want to do it from the bedroom himself. It's raining pretty hard so our outdoor space is a no-go. I'm not feeling 100% so I don't want to go OUT out. I'm |Covid unemployed so what dose it matter. I guess that's why I'm so upset. IT DOESN'T MATTER. He could ask me to disappear for a week and it wouldn't even matter. Who am I kidding, a MONTH. He out earns me 10 fold so I already struggle with not feeling like a loser on "normal" days. I mad/sad he didn't speak to his ppl about this. He's quite high up on the corporate totem pole where he works. Why not say "Hey, probably like many of you, my spouse/kid/roommate/etc. is home right now and it's unfair for me to ask them to skulk around for an hour." Like I said I don't know why this upset so much. I'm dusting the bedroom and crying . Pretty pathetic sight.


Why are young people so mean? You wouldn’t want anyone talking to your mother like that? So why are you doing it to me who is probably 10 years older. I’m fat and not that attractive but always seem to be ridiculed. It hurts sometimes.

Pandemic or not

Please, if you failed to remember and recognize my birthday, do not advance nudge me for your upcoming birthday this year. You didn’t celebrate me, and I’m not going to celebrate you.

Remember the nights

I get to cook dinner for my retired parents 3 times a week since mid march. Never in my life have I ever got to experience this, and I assume in a month or so it will fade out and won't get to do it again.


He doesn't rush over to see me anymore He doesn't text me before I wake up just because he loves knowing how it warms my heart, anymore he doesn't make plans with me, anymore he keeps pictures of women from past relationships on his phone and on his computer where I can see them--and never tucked them away as I suggested. I didn't ask him to delete them, just find a place for them. This was supposed to be our time, now It's ok though. Because once Covid is over, I'm going to rent my place out and travel the world. That has always been one of my goals, and I'll soon have the freedom to do that. Sometimes the thing we think we need is just the thing we need to propel us toward something way, way better. Truth.


I saw you in the emerald glow.

It was a radiant post-apocalyptic night. Our eyes met, and I knew that it would be safe to go...


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