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Give Love

I have three amazing kids and they're my life. I have been divorced for the past 2 years and am having so much trouble getting out there. Once single guys hear I have kids they lose all interest. My kids already have a dad so I don't understand why guys are like this. I am not telling them to take my kids to the park or a hockey game. I am a great mom, an amazing cook, and easy on the eyes. Men should be begging to date me. Single moms deserve love just like everyone else.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss the TTC

There, you pay, you travel. End of story. And token takers just rule from behind glass. Here transit is open and it takes 2 transit security plus 2 fully-armed cops to interrogate people they feel safe bullying. Meanwhile people theyr'e scared of or know they can't squeeze for money get to ride for free. I've been shoved through turnstiles on my ticket by aggressive homeless, cops did nothing. Same when I sat on a seabus once with an out of control drunk they let on as is, chasing people from one end to the next. No problem though laying down the law with working poor and minorities, little old ladies, teens or anyone who just don't understand Compass with $173 tickets.

Book 'em Danno

That was me who was blasting the full "Hawaii Five-O" theme from my condo, and playing it on repeat, all Easter weekend. And I'm talking the extended theme... yep, all 3:18 of it. Aloha.

Fantasy hotwifeing

My wife of 47 years and I have been discussing hot wiring as a fantasy to spike our sex life. My medical problem has prevented real sex between us for awhile. She has never been with another man and she is only interested in doing it as a fantasy. Are there men or couples out there that would share that fantasy with her and never actually have sex? I’m obsessed with her doing it but I’m not ready for to actually sleep with another man unless she really decided she wanted to. Any suggestions on websites to contact?

Forgiveness in waves

My husband cheated on me. I forgave him after months of emasculating punishment. But I have a hard time now and then believing that he is changed. It wasn’t a storybook romance kind of affair. He didn’t accidentally fall for his coworker. He didn’t get too drunk one night and clumsily smooch a friend. He deliberately joined dating sites and cruised multiple women for months, maybe years. How can I trust that he won’t donit again? He was so good at lying!

What does “dating” mean?

Im confused about what people nowadays consider to be “just dating”. I came of age in the early ‘70’s, and I was what you’d probably call a bit of a hippie. Back then we just met someone we clicked with and shortly thereafter we’d be living together. Not dating. We shared costs exactly like married people. I’ve been married more than once. First one not so long, second one 20 years. The “dates” with the 2nd one were a few dinners out, but because we both had kids by then, it was often including them. Finally, after the marriage ended, I met a childless person who had also never been in a committed relationship. We were in an off/on relationship for about 20 years. One of the biggest issues I had was the fact that no matter that they virtually lived with me most of the time (always keeping their own place but staying with me for the majority of the time without ever paying housing costs), they always characterized our relationship as “dating”. We almost never went anywhere on anything I’d consider a date. They behaved as if we were in a committed relationship in that we rarely ever did anything other than what spouses would do. Hanging out at home (always mine), going on outings like hikes and bike rides, but nothing else. No nice dinners out, no trips, no movies, not much of anything, because they didn’t like doing those things (seriously cheap). But always, in their mind, we were just “dating”, because they had never actually made any kind of formal commitment even as far as genuinely living together. I ended the relationship finally some time ago, but ever since I’ve wondered if anyone else considers that type of situation as “just dating”, or if they’d think that it was much more than that? I personally think I was just a fool for love.

I'm losing and I can not seem to move ahead

I feel trapped by what is not really important, the thing that holds me tightly in place is powerful and real. Although it can not been physically seen, it is all the same very physically. I wish I had a combination to unlock the right answer and advance into the next whatever. The truth is, it is a path that I must take, the path less traveled is called that for a reason I guess. There is no one around it seems most days, I have only myself to talk to about this problem. The sad and lonely feelings and not clearly understanding how, why or even if when this will end is a unknown. I just want this journey of the most intrepid travel I've ever taken to lead to the place I hope to find. Paradise and fulfillment of dreams yours, mine and ours!

I scared the hell out of a passenger

Well, there's more to the story. I was waiting to cross the street at Burrard and Georgia... and there was a car waiting to turn right... a fancy convertible with a douchey driver and a -- well, I don't need to insult her look, but it goes with what happened next. She was smoking a cigarette, and she contemptuously threw it out of the car, where it landed right by my feet. So I picked it up and threw it back in the car, where it must have landed on her lap or on the floor, I'm not sure. She screamed. I heard the driver yelling "What the FUCK!?!" But the light turned green for me, so I started crossing. And I heard some yelling and honking behind me, but I didn't turn around and there was no big explosion, so I think everything is just fine... as it should be under the circumstances. So yeah, don't litter.

Breathe deep

I finally got rid of Tinder today and just had it up to here with one disappointment after another. One of the worst apps for dating. I can breathe now.

Keep it to yourself

Some random weirdo came up to me and asked me if I believe in God. I told him that whether you believe in God or Mother Nature is nobody’s business but your own. Boy, did he shut up pretty fast.


Motown Dance Party

You were a gift and all I could do was watch you. Couldn’t speak. Literally lost my voice. Had a...

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