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Cannot believe that some people will throw their trash out their car windows onto the roadways.


I'm so glad that my drug of choice is pot and not all the other more potentially deadly options out there. Never really needed any more "up" or "down" in my life.


My ex friends husband is a well known stock broker who is the biggest manipulator with all access to insider trading. Hes had that for 20 years at least. The government audits him every year, but he manages to covers his tracks. I hope the securities commission will catch his cheating ass. He's paid out hush money to so many people so he wont get caught; including to his nasty mistress he had for 4 years when he stopped sleeping with his wife, because he 'couldnt get it up' lol nah.. he was just enjoying his assistant, and didnt give a shit until he got caught. Karmas a bitch, and your time is coming. Prison is not a nice place, similar to hell, which you will be at the front of the line.

I will admit I may put too

Much on somethings, leaving no room for anything other than what it is I wanted. See I've changed that about myself(mostly) I have a lot more space for other options. A while back I decided the way I was living was disgusting, people were getting hurt and I was all too self important to really care. So enough, this can not be anymore no more lying, no more violence, no more playing with peoples emotions for my own personal gain. Now I am not perfect, but at least now the only one suffering is me. See when I changed no one else seem to make the switch I guess. So not being the way I was, I am now wide open for all kinds of shitty stuff, and it just keeps coming. I had had this one hope, a very big beautiful dream. It too seems to have been just another shit show. Amazing people can be so unkind to themselves and anyone who dares to care. I have no idea what to do now, I felt lost before now I feel like a black hole has captured me. I confess the wreckage of my past is the karmic payback of my future. I deserve this, not the person I was hoping would be my completion. I now just see hope of that on any stupid little bit of print it has to stop!

Different Streets On The Same Road

I've observed some people going slowly crazy from being homeless, I feel the same is happening to me from working all the time.

Please... no more bussing

I think we need mass transit on an infrastructure level that we haven’t seen since the early days of New York and elsewhere. Why do we only get one skytrain line every 10 years? Can we fire most of translink administration, take the money and build mass transit please? I think we need to be a bit more extreme with our planning. Or else it’s 15-20 years of terrible traffic for us.

Trying not to be constipated

Is tough when you quit smoking. I am eating nothing but full grains and salad and it helps... but man, I feel like I have the flu + constipation. It’s brutal.

It’s that special kinda blue

The type you feel as you stare at the same spot of the ceiling. As you ignore calls and messages. A blue which makes food taste bland. The type of blue that drives a person to disappear. A kind of blue where one can’t find a reason for anything anymore. Where tears start flowing for no reason. Nothing happened or maybe everything has happened. I’ve got those special blues. Dear brain, fix your chemistry.

Lost - Have You seen my Fulfillment?

Some years ago, I found everything I needed in Vancouver which took me by surprise because until I realized it existed I didn't know I needed it, only I couldn't have this magical life-fulfilling thing so it was a rather unhappy realization, and so I left Vancouver to find it somewhere else (where it wasn't, and I knew it wasn't) in the hope that by looking everywhere I would discover many things, meet many people and visit many places and forget about what I needed, but it never worked, so I came back to Van to find it but now I really don't know where it went.

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