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Was a Time

There was a space between us thinner than a piece of paper. Warmth and trust and support passed through it. Seemed we were cautiously moving towards something. Was I wrong?

Wear and Tear

It's too bad, but what was most important to me 10 years ago... got kinda dated.

New Animal Obsession

I love Huckleberry the beaver! I wish I could fly to Montana just to pet him.

Stop Being Lazy

I am upset with how the young people blame us the older generation for the housing affordability problems. I worked for 35 years as a bus driver and my wife worked for 35 years as a teacher. We struggled to afford our Dunbar home and put our 3 children through university. We sacrificed a lot. We weren't spending $2 a day on coffee and $5 for avocado toast. We scrimped and saved to afford our home. We worked hard for what we have and I am tired of the younger generation blaming us for not being able to buy houses.

My little Secret

i am a single mature escort and I love it.

Are these politics stupid?

I'm not a CIS male, but I don't talk to my non-CIS female roommate about my sexuality. She made a post referring to me as a CIS male. Isn't this forced outing if you correct the person? I hate this CIS label because it's just used to either interfere with personal lives or be demeaning to CIS or non-CIS people....

Online dates

There is always something wrong with them, like they are afraid of birds or do not eat gluten or always carry a re-usable bag in their Hummer, etc. I wonder what's wrong with me then?

Pissing contest

Why do people at work need to tell you stupid shit you already know. I guess because my job is beneath your’s I’m stupid and don’t know what i’am doing.

Feeling sorry for Mexicans right now

They have it so rough because of the gang wars. They have pretty much militarized and it seems like the government is corrupt and in on it. I really hope things get better there soon. Maybe the west should help Mexico out? I mean, it's North America and it's one of Canada and the United States' greatest trading partners? I am just confused that nothing is happening. It just goes on and on and gets worse and worse.

Friends special!

I cannot wait to see Chandler and Monica as a fat old couple :)


Looking for a non-chain cafe near Burrard...

I was waiting to cross the road on the corner of Granville St and Dunsmuir St. You came up to me...

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