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Not what I expected

The weird thing is that even though they treated me like garbage for a long time, I don’t hate them or wish them harm. I thought that I would enjoy treating them the same way they treated me, but I don’t. What I feel now is pity. I have no desire to hurt them, and it pains me to think that maybe I have. But after so many years of being treated like an option and not being valued, I made a choice in favour of myself, and I will continue to do that from now on.


I've arrived at the conclusion that real strength is learning both how to stay positive in the face of pain and hardship, and how to count your blessings. It's easy to blame the world for all that's wrong. It's super difficult though to still keep on going, and wear every physical and mental wound on your chest like a badge of honour and bravery, and somehow find it within you to keep smiling. I tip my hat to Paul Alexander, the man who made it to 78 in trapped in an iron lung, and practiced law and knew how to laugh and love. And here's to those who grew up in slums and abject poverty, and discovered humour and humility in their squalor. Here's to every other story of survival and resilience. To be able to rise from ashes and rebuild yourself or even re-root, sometimes multiple times over, takes major guts. To me, they are true heros and stars. They're all among us, and most of the time completely invisible. Never, ever judge a book by its cover.

Sick of it all

I work all day for not enough money. I get 10 days off a year. Half of those get used up by appointments and other BS. I make more money now but somehow feel poorer. I have little time for hobbies and friends. What is the fucking point? Im so fucking sick of this shit. Also my co workers are old and getting senile. Fuck

One fight, one truth

Fuc. I was an idiot for thinking I had friends that valued me as much as I valued them. I don't think they'd put out their reputation or neck for anybody. I'm seeing the brightside of canceling them out, I wouldn't want to lean on them at a later time on my life. Gotta love urself. Also, how can u watch someone suffer, know how to fix it and do sht all? Not my kind of people. Those are stupid people who are dangerously selfish

The irony

The people I know who are the quickest to label someone else as judgemental, are also the most judgemental people I know. (Yes, I know : ) )


... miss my ex. It has been nearly 15 years. Oh well.

It's me

I read some cards you had written in the "before". Nothing profound in them, just the word "love", with your hasted scribbles. Never known pain like creating a conversation with someone who is no longer there. I have sat with my sorrow for so long, she finally told me, her name was "grief". It washes over me in waves. Some days, I drown. I will get through this, but I am not sure I will get over it. It's me: no self-appointed psychologists, or otherwise need comment. To know and to experience are very different things.

Not a Fetish

I am a big girl and its so hard to meet a decent guy who loves me for me. I am 5'0 and 250 pounds and I am curvy in all the right places. I just wish I could meet a guy who didn't treat me like some kind of fetish.

Doggie Poop Bag Wrongful Accusation.

II falsely accused a dog walker of throwing his poop bag by a tree. He was walking ahead of me and I saw him throw the poop bag and I said, "Hey, you can't just throw your poop bag anywhere" and he looked at me baffled and then as I got closer, I realized he'd thrown it into a garbage bin beside the tree. I apologized profusely but even his dog looked pissed off at me for the wrongful accusation. Sorry, sir. and your doggo.


ART CARS, but no cars

When looking at a street installation, you asked my opinion. We chatted briefly, before we...

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