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After decades of not eating it, I thought I would try it. It’s changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I’ve actually lost weight without changing anything and I feel calm and satisfied before noon. Who knew?

I’m enjoying

I lose 10-15 lbs and all of a sudden women notice me. Smiles, glances, putting hair down, small talk. It feels nice :)

Can't take it with you

My grandparent just moved out of the home their spouse (long departed) built in the 50s . It's a sad occasion, a home with so many memories slated to be emptied and sold off. Pack up a suitcase and pictures and leave the rest behind to be the contents of an estate sale. Nothing of real value, just fixtures in an outdated dwelling. I wonder what is going through my grandparent's mind. If they are ready for the next phase of their days, living in an expensive 'hospital' sized room, far away from friends and family who cannot easily drop by for a cup of tea or coffee. It really makes you think about mortality and how this generation focuses so much on "stuff". You can't take it with you...

Too Naive

I thought penthouse forum was real well into 30s.

Chasing Illusions

For awhile there I spent time chasing after designer furnitures, propertys e.g. mid century furnitures, Herman Miller Eames chairs. Decided (yes its all a prideful choice) recently its all hog wash status symbol I don't need. I picked up Ikea furniture on the street other day so now my house will have both $5 throw discarded (it functions) and $4,000 lounge chair furniture. Its all good. Buying taste is nothing to be boastful about.

I admit

I’m dreading the full-on back to “normal”, back in the office, everyone back to school TRAFFIC in September.

I Wish

The man I’m in unreciprocated love with was tipsy the other night and going on about how selfless he is in life and how he’s hooked up friends that have gotten married and had kids. He was saying it’s time to focus on himself and hook himself up. I was just sitting there thinking “well, you can, I’m right here.” He didn’t seem to clue in and now I can’t stop thinking about how much that hurt me. I’d like to have kissed him in that moment but I missed the opportunity. I hesitated. We’ve hooked up a bunch and he’s with me a lot but it’s never more than what feels like a fling. I want to be vulnerable with him but my gut tells me I’ll get my heart broken. Love hurts. :( <\3

I admit

I'm a little older now and personally do not find that a women who drinks alcohol is attractive not one nary bit. Actually I would rather that my beautiful woman does not drink alcohol at all.

I just wanna golf is that so bad.

When I was a kid playing all kinds of sports golf never was on the radar. Now all I want to do is spend time chasing that little ball. I’m in my happy place on the course it’s my favourite place to be. If I could i’d golf every day.

your feet go here

You know the stickers on the floor near the check-outs at a store? The ones that show a pair of feet indicating "6' social distancing?"in the lineup? I confess that when COVID finally eases off I hope those stickers stay. It took a pandemic for some people to get the drift that personal space is actually a thing. Remember when someone in a huge rush, with no self awareness at all, would just hang on the back of your shoulders breathing down your neck as if that makes the line go any faster or the cashier's fingers fly any quicker on the cash register. I always wanted to say "back the F up please" but thanks to the pandemic, I'll just politely glance at the sticker and then at them, and glance at the sticker and back to them. And smile. So much more civilized.


Cashier at Safeway Robson

I never really do this sort of thing. I was the red head buying crave meals lol, and your name...


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