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Barbarians Inside the Gate

I don't like being run into or squished or sat on or stepped on. I prefer to navigate through space safely and efficiently, as I hope all citizens do. But, not being aware and respectful of other people in public space seems to be a trending phenomenon. Have we become a society of rude people? Do we need etiquette police? I just don't understand this.

Buying a house

I have been hearing a lot lately about how people bought houses in the last couple of years with variable rate mortgages and are now hurting with the interest rates going up. Everyone is yelling at the Bank of Canada and the government to stop raising rates. Yes it sucks but that's how interest rates work. The fact that the Bank of Canada rate has been at 1% or lower for the last 12 years is unprecedented, guess what, bank rates go up eventually. Hell, I'm old enough to remember when rates hit 20%, my parents (and a lot of other people) ended up foreclosing on their mortgage. That's why I have never seen housing as a very good investment. I feel bad for people who wanted a place to raise their families or got too caught up in FOMOism during covid. But to all those folks who decided to mortgage their property to buy more properties so they could flip their investments, I can't say I'm feeling your pain too much. Me? Bad credit stopped me from buying in in the 90s and early 2000s and not making enough money stopped me from buying later on. Luckily I do not rent from an investment property owner who is probably desperately trying to figure out how to have me evicted so they can jack the rent for the next person or turn it into an Airbnb to meet the rising mortgage/property tax rates. Real Estate is a mess in this country and it's about to get a whole lot messier.

I won’t ever say this

But it takes a hell of a lot to impress me these days. I do not care if you have a yacht. I do not care if you travel the world. I do not care if you finished Ironman. That being said, if you’re a firefighter stopping houses and businesses going up in flames, or a grandmother taking care of your grandchild while the parents work, or create music/art/dance/comedy/film/etc. then you are impressive in my books to your service to community and humanity and the next generation. If feeding your ego is your main raison d’etre, you don’t have much purpose in my eyes.

The Wheel

I saw a Nun today. I wasn’t expecting that. To be honest I thought they were going extinct. Maybe they’ve finally infiltrated my Baeder Meinhoff mental filter. I’ve been wondering about luxury lately, status fool trinkets that seemingly raise a person. Expensive lifestyles that fail to sustain. A confidence game, like raising in a poker game. I’ve been questioning myself if I consider that enjoyable. I’m not convinced it’s a game I want to play. Learning to meditate is slow going. I wonder about a place of inner peace that elicits joy.

Wedding invite you say

Now you are wondering. Words become meaningless at the depth of my disbelief. I will honor my end of the bargain. If the universe said you will come a-begging and a-crawling on your knees, at least I would laugh. No. Is that clear? Because my heart can only break only so many times. Until that time comes, if ever.

Break up advice

If someone you love/have a huge crush on ups and dumps you for whatever reason... It may sting like a bitch now, but several years down the road, when you find yourself either with the person of your dreams and/or doing wonderful things off somewhere, you'll say to yourself: "good riddance, thank god things didn't fall through with that ex!" Trust me, it's one of the most empowering eureka moments one can have. All break ups, whether we want to believe it or not, are caused by BOTH parties. Learn to accept that you're just as flawed as the other, learn from that, and just move on. New doors always, always open, if you're eyes are open to seeing them, that is.

Working class

To get rid of my work-stress related tight shoulders, I saw my masseuse and she helped my discomfort. On my way out, I saw a very exhausted-looking, worn-down middle aged man, eyes closed, with his feet in a warm bath. He was just about to get a foot massage. He looked like he was working a physical job like warehouse or construction. I am an office worker but in a toxic work environment where I can’t sleep at night. We are 2 very different people. But we are workers. It made me realize how us working class people are put through the meat grinder at work, every day, to bring in paycheques to pay for our endless bills: food, rent, mortgage, gas, fees, etc. We rely on support services like massage and therapy just to get through the daily grind of the rat race for survival. Used and ground down to the bone, to make money for others. I have no answers but when I saw that man, I saw myself too, and felt really frustrated that this work life is not all that enjoyable and wondered what is the point of being in shitty jobs.

Burning Man Karma

The news of the flood at the Burning Man event is sort of funny to read about. This reminds me of the island in Pinocchio where the young kids went to the island to have fun and party without taking any responsibility. BAM! The flood hits ... and it is chaos. I was just recently asking a Burner about what happens if a disaster occurs, as they pride themselves on having no central governing structure. lol Well, this is it.

Too afraid.

I'm terrified of death. Too afraid to live, too afraid to die.


B from BCAA

Dear B: My mom caught her car over a curb this evening in front of my building so she called BCAA...

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